Aarp Games Solitaire

Remember some old school free flash games for PC that you can play with online friends? If yes, then there are some of the best AARP free games you can really enjoy when you are too bored. Annoyed with ads on Android games then try out the free games from AARP, which brings up some interesting list of more than 50 games. There is a members-only section which has around 6 exclusive games, but most of them are free. In this article, you can find a list of all AARP free games, along with their link. Just click and start playing them, for example, you can play Mahjongg free on a web browser. Register to keep your score saved and compete with others on the leaderboard.


If you've recently purchased a new computer with Windows 8, you might be wondering what happened to classic games like Solitaire and Minesweeper. Don't worry, you can still play these games, but you'll need to install them from the Windows Store. The AARP site is an excellent spot for Solitaire lovers because it features not one, but ten different versions of the game. Like their version of Bridge, all the games feature cards with large, easy-to-read type and the screen can be maximized as well.

List of AARP Free Games for PC

On the game section of, there are some cool browser-based free games along with an online leaderboard. This means there are other players who are competiting and having high scores. You can beat them by replaying the games.

AARP Mahjongg Free Games List:

  1. Mahjongg Remix
  2. Holiday Mahjongg Dimensions
  3. Mahjongg Candy
  4. Mahjongg Dark Dimensions
  5. Mahjongg Dimensions
  6. Mahjongg Solitaire presented by Target
  7. Mahjongg Toy Chest
  8. Mahjongg Toy Chest – Classic Edition
  9. Mahjongg: Age of Alchemy

AARP Solitaire Free Games List:

  1. Addiction Solitaire
  2. Canfield Solitaire
  3. Classic Solitaire
  4. Crescent Solitaire
  5. Forty Thieves Solitaire
  6. FreeCell Solitaire
  7. Golf Solitaire
  8. Klondike Solitaire
  9. Pyramid Solitaire
  10. Spider Solitaire
  11. Tripeaks Solitaire


AARP Word Free Games List:

  1. Love your Brain Sweepstakes
  2. Daily Crossword
  3. Daily Crossword – Best American
  4. Daily Crossword – Best Anagram
  5. Daily Crossword – Best Cryptic by Cincinnus
  6. Daily Crossword – Best Cryptic by Orlando
  7. Daily Crossword – Best Daily Cryptic
  8. Daily Crossword – Best Daily Quick
  9. Daily Crossword – Best Polymath by Cincinnus
  10. Daily Word Search
  11. Mini Crossword
  12. Outspell
  13. Scramble Words
  14. Themed Crossword – NEW
  15. True?
  16. Wander Words
  17. Word Wipe

AARP Arcade Free Games List:

  1. Chess
  2. 10X10
  3. 5 Roll
  4. 8 Ball Pool
  5. 9 Ball Pool
  6. Alu’s Revenge 2
  7. Ballistic – NEW
  8. Block Champ – NEW
  9. Bubble Dragon Saga
  10. Bubble Dragons
  11. Jungle Legend – NEW
  12. Knife Smash – NEW
  13. Landing Party
  14. Slots: Hollywood Dreams
  15. Sweet Shuffle
  16. Tap Zap Boom
  17. Trizzle – IT ‘S BACK
  18. True?

Solitaire Free Online

AARP Members Only Games List:

  1. BlackJack
  2. Bubble Dragon Saga
  3. Canfield Solitaire
  4. Knife Smash
  5. Mathdoku
  6. Themed Crossword

So these are all AARP free games you can play on PC on a web browser like Google Chrome. Have fun.

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Everyone can play Mahjong Solitaire AARP and everyone can complete it. Test your strength is easy and simple, just by press the button and start the game. The goal of this puzzle is to remove all tiles from the playing field. What are these tiles remarkable for? Each tile has one picture and they are all paired. These pictures are arranged in a chaotic order. They can be arranged in several tiers and cover each other.

How to play?

You can create a pair of identical pictures only if the tiles are on the side of the playing field, and one side of it is free from the neighbor. Such tiles will easily disappear from the playing field. In Mahjong Solitaire AARP this will give you bonus time. Mahjong masters do not use hints, but if you are a beginner and still not very well versed in the rules, or maybe all the pictures seem similar to you, then click on the hint. With them, you can figure out which tiles can be removed from the playing field. If it seems to you that there is not a single possible connection of tiles on the playing field, then there is such a function as shuffle. Aarp Games Solitaire

Aarp Games Solitaire Classic

All tiles will change their position, and many new moves will appear. Now you can start searching again, trying to do it before the bonus time has expired. You can easily get confused, because the Chinese characters are very similar, so it's easy to make a mistake. This game has a whole series of puzzles with Chinese symbols, images of dragons and birds. They will differ in complexity, as well as in the shape that the tiles create. Playing Mahjong Solitaire AARP will not be boring, even if you open it every day. Just choose a new layout and start playing it.