Baseball Betting Games

Bovada is a trusted online gambling site offering sports betting, poker, casino games and betting on horse racing. Join today to claim your welcome bonuses! No matter what your favorite game might be you’ll find it on the board along with a huge variety of sports and betting options. offers all of the popular North American sports including NFL football, NCAA college football, NHL hockey, NBA basketball, college basketball, MLB baseball, golf, tennis, boxing and MMA. 1989 - Commissioner A. Barlett Giamatti bans Pete Rose, baseball's all-time leader in hits and games-played, from baseball for life for betting on scores of baseball games, some of which his own. However, baseball is one of the few sports where volume betting leads to increased profits. If you have a betting system that has an ROI of 2%, it’s reasonable to expect that you will make around 486 bets on MLB and 51 bets on the NFL (we chose these numbers by taking 20% of each sport’s total regular-season games played: 256 in NFL, 2,430.

From betting against the public to betting on bad teams after a win and betting totals based on wind and umpires. This is the must follow guide for baseball betting strategies.

And although baseball is the hardest sport to handicap.

It’s also the most profitable sport for sharp bettors.

It’s a grueling season with over 24,000 games played per season. Playsugarhouse nj new jersey. But, It opens endless doors of opportunities for baseball bettors.

First Baseball Betting Strategy

Baseball and hockey are the only sports where you can win barely 50% of your bets. And still turn a profit.

But you must avoid betting big favorites and heavy public favorites.

Since 2005 favorites have won 63.3% of the time. Sounds profitable, but due to favorites ranging from -150 or higher. The losses are greater than the wins.

Baseball Betting Games

Betting those big prices at $100 a piece since 2005 you would have lost a total of $21,572

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Even worse, favorites getting heavy public support. That’s at least 70% or more public bets on a particular favorite. Have lost a whopping $40,000 since 2005.


Second Baseball Betting Strategy

When sharps avoid big favorites and focus on valuable plus money underdogs. They can turn a profit with a winning percentage under 50%.

That does not mean you scan for underdogs and blindly bet every single one.

Instead, focus on road divisional underdogs with high totals.

Since 2005 road divisional underdogs have a winning percentage of 42.7% However, they have turned a profit of $12,312

Now mix in road divisional underdogs with high totals (8.5 or higher). Since 2005 they have a winning percentage of 43.4% However, turned a profit of $14,824.

Those numbers are based on $100 bets.

Third Betting Strategy

Of the 7 baseball betting strategies, this one can be applied to any sport

Bet against the public

If you were to bet every single team getting less than 20% of bets on the moneyline. You would have made a profit of $7,098 since 2005. To go with that, a low 40.2 winning percentage….

Fourth Betting Strategy

Average Joes always assume bad teams barely win two games in a row. Except, bad teams after wins produces a profit.

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In order to determine a bad team you have to first look at their winning percentage. Anything .400 or less is considered a bad team in this particular situation.

When a bad team has lost their previous game they only win 44.7% in the following game. That’s a lost profit of $9,528.

However, when a bad team wins in their previous game they turned a profit of $16,283 in the following game. These numbers are based on $100 per bet since 2005.

Fifth Strategy

Because the American League allows a designated hitter and the National League does not. You should be betting on American League teams in Interleague play.

Since 2005 those teams have won 54.4% of the time. Turning a profit of $12,995…

Sixth Strategy

Now, when betting money line odds in baseball you can turn a profit by barely winning 50% of your bets. However, the same cant be said when betting totals.

When betting game totals, you have to at least win 53% of your bets in order to turn a profit.

With that being said, Wind, Wind, Wind

When the wind is blowing in and not out, since 2005, unders have won 54.8% of the time. That’s a profit of $11,842.

Since the public love to bet overs in baseball, oddsmakers will jack up the price of overs. Well, not that they will, they do. If you were to bet every single over since 2005 you would have lost a frightening $109,228

Yes, that number is correct…

See why oddsmakers jack the prices up on overs?

Instead, focus on the wind. If it’s blowing out, that’s when you to start looking into a possible over bet.

If the wind is blowing out eight miles per hour or more. Since 2005, betting $100 per over, you would have hit 53% of those bets with a profit of $7,782

One of the best fields to consider betting overs is at Coors Field. Home of the Colorado Rockies. Due to the high altitude of the stadium, which is about a mile above sea level. Thin air causes lower density which causes the ball to travel on average 5% farther.

As for unders, Wrigley Field is the best when the wind is blowing in from any direction. When the total is 8 or higher the under has hit 57% of the time since 2005. Thats a profit of $5,955.

It’s called the Windy City for a reason.

Seventh Baseball Betting Strategy

Of all the baseball betting strategies, this is easily the most important.

Know the Umpires

All umpires are different. Some can’t handle criticism from home fans and others can. Along with that, some have tight strike zones that result in more hits, walks and runs.

Others have wide strike zones that result in more strikeouts, fewer walks and less runs.

Lance Barksdale is known for favoring home teams. Since 2005, with Lance at home plate, that home team has won 60% of the time. With a profit of $5,168 off of $100 bets.