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I believe Bay 101 is the biggest card room in the bay area. I play 1-2-2 ($100-200 buy) and 2-3-5 ($200-500 buy) here. Their 1-2-2 is ok. It is 1-2-2, 4 to go. This is not ideal; 1-2-3, 3 to go or 1-2-2 5 to go would both be better, in my opinion. Their 2-3-5 is a good game, with a good structure. New players have to post to come in for both games, which I don't really like, but isn't a big deal. That said, the action is pretty good, and the staff is generally profession and ranges from competent to fantastic. The man who usually runs the board for the smaller games in the evening stands out as a great guy.

The space itself is nice, and feels more spread out than other places, despite having so many tables. The area seems safe, and it is easy to get to Bay 101 from the freeway.

Another benefit of playing free casino slots Bay 101 Poker Tournaments games at Slotomania are our special perks: from free spins to bonus rounds, making your game even more enthralling. This product is intended for use by those 21 Bay 101 Poker Tournaments or Bay 101 Poker Tournaments older for amusement purposes only. There is a game for everyone at each and every buy in. Bay 101 offers stakes to make every poker player comfortable; Low Limit and High Limit. Complimentary self serve coffee and tea bar!! Bay 101 Casino offers a beautiful and comfortable smoke-free environment. Bay 101 Casino hosts two casino floors and 49 card tables, offering guests a variety of exciting card games and daily tournaments. The wide variety of betting limits allows everyone, from novice to seasoned player, to find just the right gaming action.

The biggest problem with Bay 101 is the drop. There are no jackpots, bonuses, or other promotions because the City of San Jose will not allow them. Despite this, Bay 101 drops as much as the most expensive other card rooms in the bay area. However, since $1 goes to the jackpot in other places, this essentially means they are taking an extra $1 for the house (and you can find places to play that have a total drop with jackpot that is still $1 less than Bay 101). Not only that, if there is a chop or a bet and no flop Bay 101 still takes $1 from the button's blind!

I've been disappointed with their food, particularly for the price. It's expensive and consistently not great. I don't drink, so I can't comment on the drinks.

  • Bay 101 offers a variety of poker games. Texas Hold ‘Em, the most popular poker game in the world, is available and can be played in limits that range from $1 all the way up to $160. The card room also occasionally offers no-limit games with blinds that go all the way up to $50, along with accordingly high buy-ins.
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As a teenager growing up in New York, I attended dozens of bar mitzvahs in gaudy banquet halls. Something about Bay 101 in San Jose reminds me of these places. Maybe it's the marble, the high ceilings or the constant echo.

The palatial cardroom just off Highway 101 is a favorite among the poker elite because it is Northern California's home for World Poker Tour tournaments. Despite this high-profile distinction, the cardroom is surprisingly approachable for amateurs like the rest of us - so long as you don't mind a wait to play on busy nights.

The history

Technically speaking, Bay 101 is one of the oldest cardrooms in California. The joint opened as Sutter's in 1929 and was in Alviso until the expansion of Highway 237 in 1992 forced the owners to move south. The cardroom reopened as Bay 101 at its current location in July 1994. Today the owners are Marko Trapani and Tim and George Bumb.

The games

Bay 101 has 40 table games in all - 22 poker and 18 so-called California games. Poker options include Omaha games and a variety of limit Texas Hold 'Em, from $2/$4 up to $80/$160. There's also a vigorous WPT and non-WPT tournament schedule, with at least one spread-limit Texas Hold 'Em tournament every day this month, except Christmas.

Among the California games, players can find two versions of 21st century blackjack, as well as 21st century baccarat, double-hand poker, pai gow and Pan 9.

The layout

Through the main entrance (beyond the curious dolphin fountain out front), a grand entryway separates the cardroom into two halves. The poker pit is on the right and the California games on the left. Sutter's Broiler and Shuffles Deli are behind a tiny information desk; restrooms are in the two front corners.

The feel

For such a monstrous place, gaming areas feel intimate, and many players know each other by first name. Be sure to check out the framed cases of old casino chips on the walls; Tom Bowling, director of strategic planning and casino marketing, has one of the most extensive California gaming memorabilia collections on earth.

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The eatsGambling hall.

While Shuffles is a walk-up cafe, Sutter's is reliable for typical diner stuff like hamburgers, sandwiches and light Asian fare. Sutter's also offers a special menu for players, and servers bring the food to the table upon request. There's also seating in the restaurant itself, where televisions are usually playing some form of sporting event.

Bay 101 poker room

The nuts

For local history buffs, Bay 101 is a must-play. Poker players, though, be warned: Here more than anywhere else around the bay, you never know when Phil Hellmuth or another pro might be sitting to your left.

Bay 101 Poker

Bay 101 Poker Tournament Schedule

1801 Bering Drive, San Jose. (408) 451-8888.