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At Slots Online Canada we provide you with a trustworthy, independently reviewed list of the best Canadian casinos on the web. We’re committed to helping players discover and play at the safest, most secure casinos that offer a wide range of premium games, big rewards and outstanding security. Best Reviewed Canadian Online Casinos in 2021. At Canadian Gambling Review, we list exceptional offers from the best Canadian real cash online casinos.All our featured casinos accept Canadian players and let you play with Canadian dollars.

At Slots Online Canada we provide you with a trustworthy, independently reviewed list of the best Canadian casinos on the web. We’re committed to helping players discover and play at the safest, most secure casinos that offer a wide range of premium games, big rewards and outstanding security.

We have developed a unique casino ranking system which we update monthly and this helps you to review and check which casinos offer players the best gaming experience.

We investigate absolutely every aspect of an online casino before we publish our reviews, including information about the type of support available, which security and data protection measures are in place, the range of quality of games and the payment options offered.

Players throughout Canada trust our independent rating system to help them decide on the casino which fits their needs best.

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We’re not influenced by any other sites and we update our reviews and articles often so you get the latest news and reviews about new casinos.

All of the casinos we review are scored out of 10, with different factors weighted according to importance, so for example security and banking is highly weighted as this is a crucial aspect of an online casino playing experience.

We also check range of games, support, mobile compatibility, security and more so that you get a comprehensive overview of the sites we review.

Our editors work hard to stay up to date with all of the latest casino trends, news and innovations so that we can accurately track changes in casino standings over time.

Our top 10 Canadian online casino list is the definitive power ranking system of Canadian casinos for 2021 and features only the best casinos which we have independently verified and reviewed.

You’ll find in-depth reviews of some of the best online casinos out there including big names like as Jackpot City, Royal Vegas, Betway, 888, and Spin Palace amongst others, all of which have proven experience in online gambling. You can use our unique ranking system to judge all of the casinos we review on quality and security.

Our scores and ratings are updated monthly and give you an accurate idea of the casinos which constantly improve their player experience. Thousands of Canadian players trust our reviews and analysis of online casinos to help them make informed decisions on where to play.

* You can also browse through the screenshots of all of casino’s games on the casino review page.

Our experience in the selection the Best Online Casinos

With so many options out there and new casinos launching every few months, it can be daunting for newer players to find and decide on an online casino they can trust. Even players who have played for years may find all of the options confusing and intimidating – who do you trust? How many games do they have? Do you get a high level of bonus rewards? How secure is your data?

All of these are legitimate worries and players want to know exactly where they stand before joining an online casino. This is why our reviews and ranking system is so comprehensive, we ge in-depth into every aspect of a site’s performance so that you know EXACTLY what the site has to offer before you register for an account.

Too many players are left disappointed once they join a casino having been promised so much and then having the reality simply not match up. When you join a casino via Slots Online Canada this will never be a problem because we give you honest, independent reviews from professionals that you can trust.

There are three main types of online casinos available to Canadian players: Instant Play casinos, software download casinos and mobile casinos.

Some brands have a combination of these types, for example a downloadable version of their software for desktop and a mobile version for iOS and Android. We find that the best casinos for players offering the most flexibility are the browser based HTLM5 casinos as these can be played from any device and you won’t need to download software to play.

We strongly recommend HTML5 casinos as these are also the most mobile responsive so you’ll be able to enjoy all of the casino’s games on your device – whenever you want and wherever you go.

Important things to keep in mind when deciding

When choosing the right online casino for you, we recommend that you start with our power rankings – all of these casinos are fully vetted, tested and trusted by thousands of only casino players not just in Canada but around the world.

There are also a number of criteria that we feel it is important to bear in mind, including:

  • Safety, security and data protection;
  • Casino license and regulation;
  • Range of games available and amount of gaming studios supported;
  • Mobile compatibility;
  • Support team and help desk services;
  • Speed of payouts and withdrawals;
  • Lexibility and safety of payment methods offered;
  • Speed and ease of account verification.

We have also reviewed and tested all of the best Free Casinos so that you can play risk free and trial and test the various games available at some of the best casinos online.

Best Canadian Online Casino Slots No Deposit

At Slots Online Canada we want to give you as much clear, detailed information as possible to help you make your decision on which casino to join.

We’re passionate about online slots (just like you!) and we know how confusing to can be in trying to pick an online casino that ticks all the boxes.

Check out our top 10 casino list now and then click through to the in-depth review of any of the casinos you’re interested in. You’ll find info on welcome bonuses, loyalty programmes, payment methods and more – all designed to help make it simple to choose the casino that suits you best.

Horseshoes, Diamonds, and Liberty Bells

    History of Slots

  • 1891: Original slot machine invented
  • 1895: Charles Fey developed 3-reel machine with 5 symbols
  • 1901: San Francisco placed a ban on slot machines in the city
  • 1908: Most bell machines were found in bars and bowling alleys
  • 1963: First fully electronic machine manufactured

The original slot machine was invented in 1891 by Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn, New York and contained five drums to give the player a hand akin to poker. There was no direct payout as there is now. Winners back then were more likely to receive drinks or cigars than real cash in hand.

2000 Free Casino Slot Games

In 1895, Charles Fey of San Francisco developed a much simpler machine with only 3 spinning reels consisting of five symbols - horseshoes, diamonds, hearts, spades and a liberty bell. By changing the win structure from poker hands to symbols, the complexity of winning was reduced and an automated payout structure was introduced. This made the machines easier to maintain and introduce to a growing market.

Slots At A Glance

The gaming industry is always striving to find new and innovative ways to engage players and an effective way of doing so has been through exciting casino games such as slots. Most have 3 to 5 reels and can come with anywhere from 1 to more than 100 paylines. From different super heroes to various fruits and from animals to beach themed items, these online casino slots can have all kinds of icons on the reels. Here are some common features that you'll come across when playing any type of real money slots.

  • Slots are played by matching a variety of symbols on spinning reels
  • Most games have more than one way of winning
  • There is a variety of slot machines from simple reel machines to more complex video machines
  • Many machines will offer free spins as a reward, giving a player an extra attempt to win big!
  • Discover Your Favourite Variations

    Players constantly want new ways to be enthralled and when they are given the same types of games repeatedly, it's no surprise that they're bound to get bored. That's why the gaming industry has tried its best to create an awesome variety of slot machines so that players never get bored of taking a spin. Google free games play now. To cater to player demand, there are four major types of slots - classic slots, video slots, mega spin slots, and progressive slots.

    Classic Slots

    Classic slots are characterized as 3 reel slots that are different from video slots due to the amount of reels they have, their themes, and the number of paylines. Most classic slots are referred to as fruit machines because they come with various fruit symbols. They typically have fewer complex features such as bonus rounds and these slots are known to provide more payouts to players, but the winnings are usually smaller. Reel and video machines differ in the way the payout is calculated. Reel machines are more simplistic than video machines, but still have complicated internal mechanics that allow multiple drums with anywhere between 10 and 32 symbols. Each symbol is referred to as a stop, and matching stops correctly unlocks the prize for the player. Reel machines also have less complicated payouts.

    Video Slots

    Video slots allow players to win according to their bets whereas with reel machines, the maximum jackpot can only be won by playing the maximum bet. Video machines, in contrast, have no limit to the number of stops. This can affect the odds and the payouts for players. While additional stops can increase the difficulty to win, they also increase the amount that can be won. These machines have become more prevalent in the world today than the classic reel machine. There are many different types of video machine slots in the casino online world. There are simple one-line machines and multi-line machines, which offer more than one way of winning. The more lines you bet on, the higher your probability of winning during each spin. Multi-line machines are now widely used in the majority of the casino world.

    Mega Spin Slots

    Mega spin slots have pushed slot gaming to another level. When players are bored of playing on just one slot machine, they can opt to play up to nine games in one go. Typically players can make the choice of playing on anywhere from three to nine slots at the same time. Once you decide the amount of coins you want to play and how many slots to play them on, you simply click on the spin button and watch every slot start spinning simultaneously. This can be up to 45 reels working their magic, all at once. Of course, needless to say that if you win on a mega spin slot, your payouts can be significantly larger compared to playing on a simple 3-reel of 5-reel slot. Keep in mind that each mega spin slot comes with its own payout table, so take a look at that before you start spinning.

    Progressive Slots

    Free Online Canadian Casino Slots

    Not all that different from standard slots, progressive slots are another great option for players looking for gaming excitement. Progressive slots are typically linked to other machines within a casino or a network. Sometimes the network can span across different machines in various casino online sites. When a bet is placed on this machine, a percentage is taken from that bet and is added to the pool of money. This pool is known as the progressive jackpot total. Every machine on the network pitches in to this pool and it keeps growing as more people keep playing. Once the lucky player spins the winning combination, the collective jackpot is paid out to them. This of course, can be a considerable sum since it accumulates from anywhere between dozens and hundreds of slot machines.

    Winning It Big - Progressive Jackpots

    It didn't take long for progressive jackpots to take the gambling world by storm. Most games limit the amount a player can win - but with progressive jackpots, the amount that can be won increases each time a player has a go. This means there is a cumulative prize that continues to build as people continue to play! Progressive jackpots are the way to hit it big and take down the house. There are three types of progressive jackpots - standalone, locals, and wide area progressives.

    • Standalones were the original progressive jackpots and will usually have jackpots of under $10,000. Standalones have jackpots affixed only to their respective machines.
    • Local progressives are more common and are linked with other machines. There could be a handful of machines or hundreds of machines linked together in a local progressive network.
    • Wide Area network progressives tie together slots over large areas and combine different casinos together. The Wide Area progressives offer the largest winnings worth tens of millions of dollars for players.

    Betting Limits A Player Should Know About

    With the advent of 21st century technology, modern slot machines and online slots use microprocessors to determine the probability of each spin and symbol.

    Most online slots will limit the amount a player can spend per line or how many lines can be played. While these betting limits can be as low as a cent per line, they can also go as high as twenty Canadian Dollars per line. However, there are also machines that allow players to wager even more. People that are looking to win big play these high limit slots.

    While the player may be spending more, they are also likely to win substantially more Canadian Dollars. Additionally, higher limit machines generally pay out more often as online casinos in Canada have an incentive to entice high rolling players. High rollers spend more real money, so casinos want them to come back to play more frequently.

    Pro Tips for New & Seasoned Players

    • Machines don't ever run hot or cold. Each spin is randomized so that it has the same percentage of winning or losing on the next spin.
    • Prior to playing at any Canadian slots online casino, figure out what your bankroll is for the session. This will make sure that you know exactly how much you have and how much you want to spend on the session.
    • The next time you're picking a slots online casino, go beyond checking its reputation. Keep an eye on what its payout odds are on slots and compare them with other casino online sites in Canada.

    Playing Pokies At Your Favourite Gambling Site

    Armed with all this information and knowledge, you can now play casino online slots at quality gambling destinations. For a few words of advice, we suggest that you always check the rules before you play as some jackpots and bonuses require you to place a minimum amount of Canadian Dollars. Since slots are among the most popular casino online games, it's no surprise that almost every casino website out there has them.

    That's why it's important to keep in mind that you should always play at accredited online casinos that have been licensed and certified by international and local Canadian authorities. That way, you know you're getting your money's worth and can play in a safe gambling environment. Feel free to browse through's extensive online slots list to find the best of the lot in Canada.

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    Slots FAQ

    You can find a complete guide on great online slots casinos here at Start playing with real money by picking out your favourite from the list.
    There are three popular types of online slots: A Reel Choice, Lining Up a Win and Go Wild.
    Yes, some online casinos offer Flash-based online slots for their players.
    For the best slot bonuses, you should refer to our guide that covers hand-picked online slots casinos.
    Absolutely! Plenty of terrific online casinos offer online slots games for free. These can help you learn while having plenty of fun.