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NFL Props Odds, 2021 NFL Players Prop Bets NFL Prop Betting There are currently no lines available for this sport. Either there are no odds open to bet on, or the sport is not in season at this time. Get up-to-the minute odds for every big game and fixture on the best Canadian sports betting sites and apps. Our recommended sites offer fantastic odds and free bets across 100s of sports like. Action Network is the most trusted source for sports betting insights & analytics, improving your betting experience through data, tools, news & live odds across NFL, MLB and more. Adam Thielen (+1200) is the best of the longshots for this prop bet. I believe he will have more success against the 49ers than Diggs will. With that said, the 49ers can’t double team either Minnesota receiver, which should benefit Thielen more.

Some gambling sites will refer to prop bets as specials, or special bets, and we have compiled a list below of the best prop betting sites. The gambling sites listed on this page are all highly recommended for prop betting and generally offer a great selection of available prop bets.

A proposition bet in sports betting are more commonly known as a “prop bet.” This kind of betting is very popular overseas. It is now one of the fastest-growing segments of the sports betting industry in the United States. The growth of prop betting at online sportsbooks is evolving and constantly changing as new legal betting states open up new kinds of opportunities.

Some prop bets may sometimes appear to be similar to futures bets. The difference between the two bets is that a prop bet is a wager on an individual player or specific event. However, the majority of prop bets at a sportsbook are on individual players and not the entire team during a game. Both opportunities may be available depending on the game.

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Looking for a player or team to bet on in any sport? Use our search tool below to find the different ways to bet, along with the best available odds at sportsbooks in the US.

Prop betting origins

Prop bets became popular in the United States with the Super Bowl. The specific explosion of prop betting started at the Westgate in Las Vegas (previously known as Las Vegas Hilton). The team at the Las Vegas SuperBook was the first Nevada sportsbook operator to offer a large number of prop bets for an individual game.

Today, all sportsbook operators in Nevada offer hundreds of Super Bowl prop bets, and online sportsbook operators in New Jersey(like DraftKings Sportsbook pictured above), Pennsylvania and more legalized states have followed.

Prop betting started modestly with the Super Bowl but continues to grow. Some sportsbook operators offer prop bets every week during the pro football season. Fewer sportsbook operators offer prop bets every day for other sports. The evolution of prop betting in United States sportsbooks is taking the wagers off the field.

Types of prop bets


Common prop bets placed on the MLB include the most common stats like ERA, home runs, stolen bases, strikeouts, hits, RBI, and others. These props can include individual game performance, performance over a specific period (a month, playoff series, etc.), or performance over the course of an entire season (regular, post, or both).


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NFL props come in two common variations– per game and total. The most popular props for the NFL are player props like touchdown passes, rushing yards, receptions, interceptions, etc. However, these can also fall under team props like rushing yards allowed per game, turnovers, and passing efficiency. Obscure props are popular mostly during Super Bowls but can range from penalties to the color of Gatorade used by the winning team.

NFL Passing Props
NFL Rushing Props
NFL Receiving Props


Popular props bet on in the NBA include common statistics like points, rebounds, blocks, assists, and turnovers per game; as well as metrics like shooting percentage, three point attempts, and fouls per game. Team props can include shooting percentages, points in the paint, and free throw attempts. Like the NFL and MLB, these can range from an individual game to over a period of time (series, season, etc.).


The most common prop bets on the NHL include goals, saves, and assists; other statistics like penalty minutes and ice time are popular bets, as well. First player to score a goal, team assist numbers, and faceoff wins are more obscure yet accessible bets to make over an individual game, week, series, or season.

College football

College football prop bets closely mirror NFL props in stats (passing yards, tackles, etc.), but often see more extreme totals. For example, Memphis might have a higher over/under in yards per game than, say, the Buffalo Bills, due to a wider talent gap in college.

College basketball

College basketball prop bets also closely mirror the NBA props in stats (points per game, steals, etc.). Unlike college football, college basketball sees a decrease in props related to game performance (example, a player or team’s points per game are projected to be lower than NBA due to talent gaps). When betting on NCAAB prop bets on team totals, it’s important to remember that college basketball plays under 40 games per regular season, whereas the NBA plays 82.

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Exotic prop bets

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Exotic prop bets are only offered by some sportsbooks around the world. These non-traditional prop bets are not necessarily based on activities that take place during a game. The most popular of these exotic prop bets, such as the length of the national anthem or the coin toss results, happen during the Super Bowl.

These props can be as outlandish as the sportsbook operator wants them to be. They usually take place during the most publicly popular events such as a Royal Wedding in the United Kingdom or who will play a specific role in a movie series.

While they may be fun, most of these kinds of exotic proposition bets are not legal in America. This could change in Nevada and in other states that may legalize sports betting.

Personal prop bets

Proposition betting doesn’t only take place in a sportsbook. Bets with a friend for random activities also fall into the category of a prop bet. For example, a bet that a friend can’t finish 40 pushups during a game of poker might be considered a personal prop bet between friends.

Prop bets at online betting sites, short for propositional bets, are wagers made on very specific outcomes of an event. They began in the 1870s when baseball fans used prop bets to add more excitement to the game. Prop bets grew in popularity when Las Vegas started to allow the unique wagering type in the 1930s.

Today, the Super Bowl is the most popular event for placing prop sports bets and wagers, but punters will also find propositions offered on a myriad of events including awards shows, celebrities, and more. Prop bet betting sites allow players easy access to the thousands of props available.

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The possibilities for prop bets are infinite. Nearly anything that happens during a sporting event or major television show can be made into a proposition or “if” bet. For example, players can bet on how many touchdowns a quarterback will throw during a game or what song a particular band will play at the Grammys. Because of the wide possibilities, prop bets are more difficult to handicap than traditional wagers. Players need to do their research and really understand the sport or event they wager on.

Betting sites sometimes use prop bets on popular current events to entice new players to register. For example, wagers on how certain states will vote during presidential elections are popular on prop betting websites, giving players wtih little sports interest a chance to make wagers.

Prop bets generally attract a different audience than standard sports betting. Casual bettors make prop bets for entertainment, while more hardcore punters don’t take the wagers seriously.

What Is Proposition Betting Anyways? A prop bet offers the chance to predict the outcome of an event.

Examples Of How Prop Bets Work: Prop bets are usually listed for a big game. The Super Bowl has tons of prop bets, including which team will win the coin toss, and whether it will be heads or tails. Prop bets in sports betting can be any of the following:

  • “What quarterback will thrown the first interception of the Super Bowl?”
  • “Who will hit more doubles in the World Series?”
  • “Will either team score in the final two minutes of the game?”
  • “Will either team go on a double digit run during the game?”
  • “Which team will be the last to score?”
  • “Which team will be the first to be penalized?”

Prop bets offer a varying amount of money to win. Oddsmakers determine the odds of the event happening, and it is the bettors job to decide if they feel the bet is worth it or not. For example, a prop bet may show at -150 or +180, or basically anything in between. What this means:

When a (-) is shown that means you are receiving less money than your bet. Don’t worry – you will get your betting money back, along with your winnings. In this example, a -150 would mean that for every $15 you wager, you would win $10.

When a (+) is shown that means that the bet is the “underdog” or receiving more money than you risked, along with getting your money that your stake back. In the example shown above a +180 bet means for every $10 you wager, you would win $18.

If a bet is looked at by the odds makers as an even bet, many times you will see it placed at -110. This is the basic amount, as the book takes some “juice”. The juice is the money the book charges you, per say, for making the bet. All -110 bets mean is that for every $11 you wager, you win $10.

Advice For Players Making Prop Wagers

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Prop bets can be a lot of fun. Many props have a 50/50 chance of winning, less the “juice”. Keep in mind oddsmakers almost always have an advantage of winning. Make sure you really like your prop bet before you place money on it. We always suggest using proper bankroll management and only betting a reasonable amount of units.

Attributes of the Best Prop Bet Betting Sites

The best sites make it easy for players to place prop bets, offering a wide selection of props on a variety of markets. All potential wagers should be divided by category, with the odds clearly listed next to each bet.

Best Prop Bets Today Nfl

Prop bets attract a lot of first time punters. Because of this, the best prop bet betting sites usually offer players a welcome bonus when they register and make their first deposit, usually a match percentage. The best prop bet betting sites also offer a valuable rewards program for frequent players and loyal customers.

It is important to choose a prop bet betting site that gives real money punters and online players several options and methods for depositing and withdrawing betting money. The best prop bet betting sites allow players to make deposits with a Visa or MasterCard credit card, by bank transfer or by using an eWallet service. Players should choose a site that offers data encryption to ensure all transactions are secure.

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The best prop bet betting sites provide 24/7 customer support to address any concerns or questions that may arise. Support should offer many options to be reached including email, live chat, or a toll free phone number.