French Roulette Gold


What is it?

French Roulette is the first roulette game to be invented and enjoyed by players across the world. The game has been enjoyed since the 18th Century – the French Revolution. Microgaming’s version of this popular game will differ from others you may have come across. The table is green and the numbers and betting options are placed in white.

In order to play Live French Roulette Gold players have to be first aware of the playing screen and betting options. The screen includes chips from 1 to 100, various buttons that let you undo bets, repeat them or change camera angle. Additionally, there’s a screen showing last drawn numbers as well as a timer. Play French Roulette Gold here and win big! The game is fun, vibrant, and packed with sights and sounds the excite the senses. .Get 88€ Free whitout making a deposit here: 180 Freespins and a 100% Bonus here: up to 200€ Bonus &. This website is operated by Evoke Gaming Ltd (Evoke), a company registered under the laws of Malta with registration number: C 38582, registered address: Evoke Gaming Ltd, Tagliaferro Business Centre, level 7, High Street, Sliema SLM 1549, Malta. French Roulette Gold is just one such example. Streamed out of Riga, Evolution Gaming’s French Roulette Gold offer high-quality live dealer casino action, with players able to get to grips with classic French roulette gaming, and with a positively low house edge of just 1.35%, there’s a lot to play for with this live roulette game.

Surrounding the betting table is a wooden panel with the wheel taking the spot of the utmost left corner. Where other software providers design the table in complete French – Microgaming have changed it to English to make it easier to read.

Betting options

The layout of the wheel is exactly the same as European Roulette with 37 pockets. There is a single zero and numbers 1 to 36 on the wheel. But what makes this game so popular and possibly even unique are the features it offers such as the table layout, player interface and lowered house edge.

You have the following betting options when playing this game:

  • Pair: even numbers
  • Impair: odd numbers
  • Manque: low numbers 1 to 18
  • Passe: high numbers 19 to 36
  • Premiere 12: first dozen 1 to 12
  • Moyenne 12: central dozen 13 to 24
  • Derniere 12: final dozen 25 to 36

French Roulette House edge

The house edge in French Roulette is one of the lowest available with 1.35%.

Extra perks

Microgaming have designed French Roulette Gold Series so the player is in control at all times. Additional features include zoom animation to get a close-up of the ball; freeplay and real mode which allow players to practice before staking cash; single and multiplayer options; expert play which allows you favourite patterns of play to be saved; and an outcome board which shows you the results of the recent spins of the wheel.

Mobile compatibility

To experience the full benefits that French Roulette Gold Series offers, you will have to access the game via a desktop or laptop device. No downloads are required as the game will load instantly once selected.

Players from the US

As far as we are aware, residents of the US are not permitted to access this game.

Other games by software provider

Microgaming were established in 1994 and have come a long way since then. They are masters of many different types of casino games, as they offer table games slots, video poker, number games and even land based games and over 35 different multiplayer games.

Popular titles offered include Terminator 2 Online Slot, Immortal Romance, Thunder Struck II and Football Star. Playboy Live Dealer was the industry’s first branded live dealer studio – thanks to Microgaming.


The Gold Series of games from Microgaming are aimed at players who want a more tailored casino experience and a more enjoyable one. The player interface allows you to place your bets with ease and the lowered house edge offered is an added incentive to get you to play. Compare French Roulette Gold Series to standard French Roulette and you can expect the same returns with the bets offered – but the difference comes in the way the game has been designed – with the player in mind.

French Roulette Gold by Microgaming has certainly become one of the fan favorites in such a short time, because of its impressive high RTP of 98.65%, colourful high-quality graphics and simple rules.

Have A Favourite Roulette Game?

Roulette is pretty simple game of chance, and despite of not needing an actual strategy to play the game, a lot casino enthusiasts find it as one of the most entertaining and profitable. And even if the game has been around for many years, players do not have to worry about it being repetitive, since a lot of different variations have been provided by many regular and online casinos. These days even more and more people prefer the online casino, since it is much more convenient than going to an actual casino.

Microgaming have been one of the best flash games providers for online casinos, and the company has acquired lots of supporters in recent years, with its fresh ideas and user-friendly interface. French Roulette Gold is another great example of both, with only few differences from classic roulette. And as in any other roulette variation, the rules are quite simple, and as we all know the purpose of the game is to guess in which pocket the ball will land.


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French Roulette Gold
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Table Rules and Table Limits

French Roulette Gold uses the rules of European roulette, meaning that the rules are almost identical. There are 37 pockets on the layout starting from 1 to 36, half of them in red colour and the other in black, and the last slot is reserved for the green zero slot. And as previously mentioned the game has RTP of 98.65%, which is higher than in the European (97.3%) and American roulette (94.74%).

The reason why French Roulette Gold has such a high RTP, is due to the fact, that the game uses the La Partage. For the players who are new to roulette and are not familiar with the rule, it means that every time you bet on an even number and the ball lands on the green zero, you will lose only half the amount of money you placed as a bet.

The other difference you will notice is that the bet combinations are written in French. But that should not be a problem, since every time you place the cursor of the mouse on the bet combination button, the game highlights the corresponding numbers on the layout, and you will figure it in no time. Otherwise, everything else is quite similar and the game even uses the standard payouts.

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Type of BetBet PayoutBet Limits
Straight Up Bet35:1$1 – $10
Split Bet17:1$1 – $20
Street Bet11:1$1 – $30
Corner Bet8:1$1 – $40
Line Bet5:1$1 – $50
Columns Bet2:1$1 – $70
Dozens Bet2:1$1 – $70
1-18/19-36 Bet1:1$1 – $80
Manque/Passe Bet1:1$1 – $80
Black/Red Bet1:1$1 – $80

Gaming Experience

French Roulette Gold Coins

French Roulette Gold might be a hit among fans, with its huge RTP, but this is not the reason for its success in the online casino industry. The game offers tremendous overall gaming experience, with significantly better visual quality than its predecessors, and plain and simple game layout, which is easily understandable for the new players.

The overall view of the game window is great, with a great camera angle of the whole table, you can see the impeccably made 3D wheel on the left, which is a sight for the sore eyes for a true roulette enthusiasts. Then on the right is the layout with all pockets and bet combinations in French. The colourful graphics and the perfectly set up gaming table, further contribute to the more realistic experience for the players, making them forget that they are not in a real casino.

Players can edit the layout of the game in order to find their most convenient way for bet combinations. And when finally players are ready after familiarising with the rules, they have to choose one of the chips with a different value and place their desirable bet.

French roulette gold rush

Special Features

As any other roulette game, this one comes with several helpful special features, in order to ease players and optimise their gaming experience.

French Roulette Online Casino

Of course, Microgaming care about their fans and added probably the most important feature while playing roulette – the Auto Play mode. This mode allows players to make up to 100 spins without their interference, but first, you have to place your bets on the layout, and then you can choose the number of spins, you are planning on making.

And if happens to be away from your device, while on Auto play, you can check the outcome of the last 10 spins, in the History panel in the bottom left corner of the game window. This is another little nice feature for the players who like to base their strategy on previous results. Next to the History panel is the Zoom-in panel, which displays the result of the spin by zooming-in on the winning number.

In addition to the usual European roulette bets, there are the Call bets, which can be seen in the bottom part of the screen. Meaning that you can choose from the following bet combinations – Les Voisins Du Zero, Les Orphelins, Tiers Du Cylindre, and one of the Finales En Plein or Finales a Cheval bets. With bet limits range between £2 and £800 for even-money wagers and from £2 to £100 for straight-up bets.


Anyway, despite the game being only a slight variation of the classic, it is also a massive improvement on its counterparts, in terms of overall gameplay experience and entertainment. French Roulette Gold’s helpful special features and more betting combinations can help you escape the monotony of the classic roulette variations. The graphics and 3D animations are superior and smoother, in comparison to previous instalments.

French Roulette Gold has certainly climbed to the top of the best roulette games list, with its high 98.65% RTP, making it easier for players to accumulate profits, despite its standard payments. The game offers countless hours of excitement, transcending you to a new reality of authentic casino experience, but from the comfort of your home. The game is available to all desktop computers and mobile devices, so you even don’t to be at home to make a few spins. It has everything a gambling enthusiast can ask for – a great variety of bets, high chances of winning, visual appeal, and accessibility.