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Kingdom Life II is a very good game that is so much fun to roleplay in. You get to choose what you want to be and you will always be included in whatever you choose to be. My favorite role is being a maid! This is the most amazing roleplay game there is on Roblox. The roleplay limits are endless and the game has amazing graphics. Synopsis: Though not technically a game, this is our favorite Roblox activity in the. How’s it going guys, SharkBlox here,Roblox games with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One graphics! (Toyokawa Inari Shrine):

There are not a lot of free games that offer full first-person shooter experiences. Although Call of Duty: Warzone, and titles alike, are unique takes on the genre, Roblox delivers games that behold Team Deathmatch and one-life survival matches that are of honorable quality. If you’re on PC, mobile, or Xbox, here are the FPS titles you need to play first on Roblox.


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One of the most colorful games on this list is Arsenal. It doesn’t try to replicate popular military shooters, with it being much more comedic, placing matches on luxurious beachside, mansions, and even spaceships. Even though its scarce on content at the moment, it’s still addicting when taking out teams with unconventional weapons, like swords, blasters, and flamethrowers.

Bad Business

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Bad Business is one of the rare few that works hard to make you forget you’re playing Roblox. The game has its own in-depth progression system, has a familiar loadout build structure, and rewards players loads of skins for completing challenges. It is team-based, but expect many to ignore capturing objectives as kills are more beneficial for leveling up.

Big Paintball

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The level of detail in Big Paintball is worthy of an award. For one, each shot leaves different color paint splatters on the battlefield, leaving the map in disarray at match’s end. Shooting also takes distance and the weight of paintballs into account, so their trajectory is more like a cannon rather than bullets. With plenty of guns and locations, Big Paintball is great for competitive play against friends.

Call of Roblox

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This isn’t the Call of Duty experience you may believe it is, but it’s reminiscent of the franchise’s Campaign mode. Here, you can create loadouts and storm beaches to go after waves of enemies with a large number of players by your side. The environment is well-designed, even for a Roblox game, with numerous trenches, homes, and hills to strategically fire from.

Counter Blox

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This is exactly what it seems like – almost to a tee. There are only a few modes, but each map is certainly recognizable and has the same bleak color pallet as those from the PC cult classic, Counter Strike: Counter Offensive. Gameplay is also fairly realistic, but you may find yourself questioning if some hit boxes actually cause damage.

Mad Paintball 2

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The other paintball FPS on this list is much more arcady. Mad Paintball 2 focuses on beating your friends’ high scores and earning in-game currency for doing so. However, the game is also significant in that it presents a capture the flag mode – which most don’t. It is fast-paced and drops you into some massive maps for paint-filled fun.

Military Combat Tycoon

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This first-person shooter differs dramatically from the rest, as the main goal is to increase your squad’s base size. With more collected kills, your team will earn access to tanks, helicopters, and money to build additional rooms for your hideout. The map can be considered too large for some, as driving to enemy bases can take minutes, but it’s still perfect for those bringing along a big group of friends.

Phantom Forces

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It’s safe to say that Phantom Forces is the best Roblox take on Call of Duty. The game has over 100 guns and a handful of complex, but eerily familiar maps to try them on. It does get bogged down by its insistence that you buy weapons crates to unlock gear, but you can go for hours without feeling as if you have to purchase anything.


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Polybattle is for those who are dedicated to modes like Modern Warfare’s Ground War. The game is centered around two countries battling it out for full control of the five main bases on one of the gigantic outdoor maps. Like it’s inspiration, users can expect a collection of vehicles and weapons available from the start of the game. The only setback may be the aiming, as the sensitivity options don’t alter the camera’s speed by much.

Zombie Uprising

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It’s not all about PvP shooters in Roblox. Zombie Uprising is a challenging arcade-based game that pits a lobby against waves of the undead. If players are able to get to higher rounds, they’ll partake in raids that feature high-adrenaline boss battles. Some locations are quite bland, and don’t bring much else but flat land. Though, the thrill of surpassing tough rounds can take your mind off this.

Good Games To Play On Roblox Pc

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Searching for free-to-play games for children can be a tough task nowadays. Many mobile games are chuck full of microtransactions and may even expose your child to obscene violence. Downloading Roblox on either Xbox, PC, or mobile will certainly avoid most of these worries, as it presents many light-hearted games that are both engaging and safe to play. Here are some of the best we think are most fitting for youngsters.

Adopt Me!

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So much for saving the best for last, as Adopt Me! is quite literally the most popular game on Roblox. With over 14.5 billion visits, the world of Adopt Me! lets players design the interior of homes and take care of a wide selection of pets. Miami club casino no deposit bonus code. Fulfilling objectives in both of these activities nets players virtual currency, allowing them to purchase even more decor and pets. A vicious cycle that will keep any child entertained.

Epic Minigames

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Epic Minigames is something of Roblox’s take on Mario Party, with over 100 competitive games for little ones to enjoy. Most of these deal with players having to stay on moving obstacles to be the last standing. Each is wholesome and can reward winners with new clothes and accessories.

Hide and Seek Extreme

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If you don’t have time to play Hide and Seek with your children, this is a great substitute. Hide and Seek Extreme isn’t as extreme as it sounds, but allows for great fun when hiding from another player on one of the many gigantic, well-designed maps.


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Islands is very much inspired by Animal Crossing, as players can create islands and profit from all of its marketable opportunities. Children will find it easy to build homes and farms to see their bank account grow – a great first lesson in economics. Friends can also join in on the simplistic business venture to help grow the island town.

Natural Disaster

Good Roblox Games For Mobile

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Don’t fret, Natural Disaster is very harmless. Players will work together to avoid getting caught up in volcano lava, tornados, floods, and much more. Even if it is rather basic, ducking for cover can be an enjoyable task when beating out anything that randomly falls from the sky.

Good Roblox Games To Hack In

Royale High

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We’ve all had bad memories of high school, but it’s better not to tell kids how horrifying it can be. Royale High is the best tool for deception. The game is a school simulator where avatars enroll and complete “homework” (or rather, mini games) that gift them cosmetics and in-game coins.

Good roblox games with friends

Super Hero Tycoon

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If the Marvel films have made an impact on your child, then it’s best to introduce them to Super Hero Tycoon. The game allows users to purchase one of an assortment of familiar characters from the Marvel and DC universes to fight other heroes. It offers a lot of replayability, as beating others means more in-game money to unlock more characters.

Vehicle Simulator

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For the kids in their car phase, Vehicle Simulator is a fun ride that enables users to explore large maps at lightning speeds. If that gets old, money will be rewarded to those who participate and win races. Once they have in-game cash, upgrades and other cars will be made available to keep players enticed.

Welcome to Bloxburg

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The town of Bloxburg needs more citizens and it’s certain worthy of at least a tour. In Bloxburg, avatars will be tasked with getting jobs to support their home-building habits. It should also be mentioned that home designing is an in-depth and enjoyable feature that provides limitless possibilities.

Good Roblox Games To Play

Work at a Pizza Place

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This job simulator has been around for more than 12 years, and it is all thanks to its high quality. Try and keep up with the blazing fast pace of the pizza shop business by creating pies with the correct toppings before customers become frustrated. Oh, don’t forget about the ones that need to be delivered across town, as well. It’s a demanding game, but young minds will have a blast keeping the eatery in good shape.

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