Halloween Games Online

Happy Halloween! Test your reflexes and your knowledge of Halloween trivia by hopping from platform to platform while collecting different costumes and candy! How far up can you get in this hopping haunted house? Best slots free spins no deposit. Trouble Playing This Game? Don't be scared! The creepy, crawly, spooky Halloween games on Disney LOL are a howling good time.



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Halloween Games Online

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Halloween is the spookiest time of the year, and here at Keygames we’ve collected the scariest Halloween games for you to enjoy! Get ready to explore haunted houses, solve supernatural mysteries, and play lots of special Halloween versions of your favourite skill games! Halloween is celebrated on October 31st, but if you already want to get in the mood for this popular holiday and gather some inspiration for your costume, have a browse through this collection of exciting Halloween games for PC and mobile!

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On Halloween, children usually dress up as witches, wizards, ghosts, mummies, and other supernatural beings. People used to believe that on this night, wandering souls and evil spirits could cross over into the world of the living. Wearing a mask and costume would help protect you, because devils and spirits couldn’t recognise your face. Even though there’s an emphasis on monsters and the macabre, it’s also quite trendy to disguise yourself a celebrity, or popular characters from movies, comics, and video games. Halloween also involves lots of other fun traditions such as hollowing out big, orange pumpkins and carving jack-o’-lanterns with scary or goofy faces. Bobbing for apples is a traditional harvest festival activity that is also played on Halloween. You have to try to bite into floating apples to pluck them out of a basin filled with water.

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When it gets dark, kids head out in groups to go trick-or-treating, walking from door to door to collect a whole basketful of sweet treats and candy. No wonder this holiday is so popular children! Some people even decorate their houses and yards to make them extra spooky for their Halloween visitors. You might find skull-shaped lanterns and a graveyard of headstones in the yard, flickering lanterns on the porch, and fake cobwebs and spiders in the windows. Our Halloween games also feature lots of symbols and creatures associated with Halloween. Collect pumpkins and candy, battle walking skeletons and vampires, or help your favourite celebrities and cartoon characters create a Halloween costume. Browse our free games overview and see if you can handle the excitement of our very own online catalogue of Halloween horrors! Enter if you dare!