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Roulette is just one of those timeless casino classics that never really seem to fall out of favor and always are at the top of the popularity charts. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that when mobile gaming became possible due to the technical capabilities of modern smartphones, iPhone Roulette for real money quickly became one of the staple games offered by online casinos for Apple device users. In fact, even the rather strict policy of Steve Jobs’ company when it comes to online gambling and other adult content wasn’t enough to discourage the gaming industry giants whenever a site isn’t allowed to offer a downloadable version of its casino and Roulette software in the iTunes app store, it simply provides you with a browser based version, which provides you with pretty much the same functionality in an instant play package. As a result, real money iPhone Roulette is both readily accessible and as playable as its brick and mortar casino counterpart.

The Rules of Roulette


Whether you’re playing in a land-based gambling establishment or using an iPhone real money Roulette app, the rules of the game remain the same and can be learned within a few minutes even if you’ve never tried playing at a casino before. The game is normally played with a croupier, who spins a special wheel, which is split into color coded squares. Each square has a specific number the players can bet on a specific field, color or a range of fields, but it’s important to remember that only red and black squares can be wagered on, as the green field is there to give the house its edge and signifies the defeat of the player. Whenever the Roulette wheel is spun, the croupier will spin a special ball in the other direction through the outer section of the wheel. The ball will eventually fall into one of the squares and determine the winner. Obviously, betting on less likely outcomes will result in a higher payout, so it’s up to you whether you want to be a conservative gambler or play a high risk, high reward game. In the case of real money iPhone Roulette, the wheel and the croupier are replaced with a realistic computer generated animations. Consequently, the outcome of the game is provided by a special Random Number Generator, which is periodically tested by third party companies to make sure that the games are fair and the casino doesn’t stack the odds in its favor. Basically, if you decide to play iPhone Roulette for real money, you’ll be getting the same game as in a live casino in a slightly different, more abstract package.

Playing iPhone Roulette

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The iPhone is a rather small device, but that doesn’t mean playing online Roulette on this platform will be less comfortable than with a desktop computer like a PC or Mac. In fact, whether you choose a downloadable app or a browser based one you’re more than likely to receive a well optimized piece of software that is capable of utilizing iPhone’s touch screen and relatively high resolution to their full extent. Usually, placing your bets is as simple as selecting the right casino chip and clicking on the screen to place them on the virtual felt. Whenever you feel like the wagers you placed are satisfactory, click the Play button and watch the animated wheel spin to provide you with an outcome. This kind of solution has a few distinct advantages over the traditional game, as it allows you to easily correct any betting mistakes without creating awkward situations at the table. What’s more, the iPhone Roulette for real money progresses at a significantly faster pace than its live counterpart regardless of the casino or software you use, so you’re going to be able to place a massive number of bets per hour if you feel like doing so. Just keep in mind that while the basic rules of the game will always remain the same, some casinos might offer more than one variant of the game, so you should definitely check out how each of them handles betting before you dive into the action.

The Good and the Bad

As mentioned above, real money Roulette for iPhone provides you with faster gameplay and is less likely to make you lose money due to a human error, but in the end it would be rather weird if it didn’t have any drawbacks. The biggest shortcoming of online Roulette is the fact that while the live version of the game allows you to interact with the other players in a fun environment, on iPhone it’s always just you and the computer program. While some Windows PC and Mac casinos might give you a chance to chat with the other players or provide you with a live stream of a real cashier and Roulette wheel, this solution has never been introduced on iPhone due to various technical limitations. As a result, playing real money iPhone Roulette is always a tradeoff, you gain more time to consider your bets and implement even the most complicated strategies, but you always lose out when it comes to interaction with other gambling enthusiasts.


To conclude, real money Roulette for iPhone provides you with an excellent opportunity to play the game regardless of where you are at the pace that best suits your character, but it does have its shortcomings. Consequently, while it might lack in terms of recreating the unique brick and mortar casino ambiance, the entire depth and substance of the game remains intact. What’s more, plenty of iPhone casinos offer numerous bonus and promotions to both new and returning players, which gives the game some additional value. As a result, if you care about the strategic aspect of real money Roulette and you’re looking for an opportunity to test various betting tactics, any iPhone Roulette app is going to satisfy your needs while providing you with cutting edge visuals and giving you access to plenty of other exciting real money casino games. Free horse bet no deposit.

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  • To play iPhone roulette, you need to visit a secure real money casino that accepts players from your country. When accessing these casinos on your Apple device you are accessing the mobile version. This means since the catalogue is optimised for mobile devices, there are less variants available than there are on the desktop version.

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