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The Chess Website is your one stop shop for all things chess. Whether you are brand new to the game, or you have played your whole life and look to take your game to the next level, this is the place for you. The site is continually updated with substantial content thanks to the loyal support of the chess community. Most of the new things you see on the site are ideas from people like you so feel free to drop us an email if you want to see something added. Enjoy the site and best of luck at the chess table!

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Learn Chess Online

Chess Courses Choose your level clicking on ‘Open Free Lessons’ and try a chess lesson right now. In this lesson you will learn the 4 most common mistakes that chess players make. If you understand these types of mistakes then it will help you avoid them in your own games. Lesson 10 How chess notation works and the 4-move checkmate. Chess notation is a method chess players use to write down their moves. If you are looking to learn chess and master the ultimate game of strategy, this is the place for you! In this guide, I cover some of the best online chess classes and lessons in 2021 that are perfect for complete beginners, or those looking to dominate their opponents.

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Understand the pieces – we’ll show you how they move, go over key concepts you should think about with each piece, and then show opening principles and discuss things that every chess player should know when they approach the beginning of a chess game.

We cover all of the major chess tournaments from around the world. This section will always have the latest tournament coverage so be sure to bookmark this section and come back to see the world’s best battle it out for chess supremacy.


Chess Lessons Free

The Chess Website provides lots of tools to improve your chess game. Below you’ll find a powerful chess engine to analyze your own games and give recommendations for any chess position. We also have a list of additional sites that we support.

We’ve selected the very best training and analysis software in the world.

Your website is the first I've ever subscribed to. Your instructional videos are great and your analysis of famous games is engaging. I got so much out of it that I felt obligated to subscribe.
Charles Fairchild

Free Chess Lessons And Strategies

Really enjoying your website. It has rekindled my interested in chess.
Kyle Shevlin
I love your website. I’ve already learned a lot about chess. The videos are easy to follow and understand in addition to giving a few different options for play.
Justin Wilcox

Want to play chess? Don't know how? Don't worry. This guide will help you.

Once you know the fundementals, you will need to practise your skills. We have an online chess server where you can play chess with people from all over the world. Best time to gamble online. We would love to see you there.


  • Rules of chess
  • Notation
  • Simple checkmating patterns
  • Openings
  • Tactics
  • Chess Quotes


  • Tactics (Be a tactical wizard!)
  • A Brief Survey of the Openings (still under construction)
  • Improving Tips by Tryfon
  • Winning Tips by Tryfon
  • Improve Your Tactical Play by Tryfon
    • Can tactical ability be learned/ trained?
      • A theoretical tactical thought process model
  • Opening Repertoire by Tryfon