List Of Casinos Not On Gamstop

This ban of credit cards makes it even harder to play at licensed casinos why casinos not on Gamstop are even more popular in 2021. Information about gambling license in general For companies planning on open up an online casino, firstly they need to apply for a gambling license.

UKGC Requirements For Gamstop

In the UK, the UK Gambling Commission have made it a requirement for all casinos that hold a UKGC license to be registered with Gamstop. Not all are at the time of writing this, however the few UK casinos that are not part of the Gamstop self-exclusion program, will be by some time in April 2020. So where does this leave players who want to be removed from the self-exclusion program?

  • The Red Lion Casino is a new online casino not on Gamstop, but it became a chart-topper in a noticeably short time! It has thousands of games by 35+ software providers, including Netent, Microgaming, Playson, Wazdan, 1x2, and more.
  • Below we will highlight the top companies that do not participate in the Gamstop register and list the non Gamstop UK casinos that they operate for UK players. Topia Solutions N.V. Topia Solutions N.V is a Curacao based company that operates the following UK casinos not blocked by Gamestop: Crazyno, Lord of the Spins and All Wins Casino.

How To Get Around Gamstop

The answer is quite simple, instead of registering with casinos that are licensed under the UKGC, you can simply register with European based casinos that do not hold a UKGC license, however hold other licenses such as the Malta Gaming Authority, the Gibraltar Gaming License or the Curacao Gambling License. Each of these licenses are equally as strict as the UKGC, and have very strict laws to uphold. However they do not force their casinos to be registered with Gamstop.

A Look At Non Gamstop Casinos

Taking a look at a few non Gamstop casinos such as Napoli Casino, Lord Of The Spins and All Wins Casino, we can see that they come jam packed with all the latest slot machines, roulette games, table games and more. You will also notice that theses casinos not on Gamstop come with far bigger and better welcome bonuses than your average UK Gambling Commission casino. Not only this, they also come with better wagering requirements.

Great Casino Sign-Up Bonuses

These days UK based casinos no longer offer any decent kind of sign up bonuses, and this is all down to the UKGC getting stict on the kind of bonuses that online casinos can offer. Not only this, the UKGC are soon to bring in a ban on gambling with credit cards. Basically the UK Gambling Comission like to control what you can and can't do.

With betting sites that are not part of the Gamstop program, you can take back your freedom to do as you please. However if you registered with Gamstop in the first place due to serious gambling issues, we do not recomend that you look for a way round the Gamstop self-exclusion program, instead we recomend that you seek help from services such as Begambleaware, Gamcare or the Gambler Annonymous.

Play On Multiple Devices As And Where You Like

If you are here looking if there are any casinos not on Gamstop, then you will be happy to know the answer is yes. Just like any other online casino, the vast majority (if not all) of these casinos can be played using multiple devices that connect to the internet. For instance you can use these casinos via your mobile device such as an Android smartphone or and IOP based iPhone device.

Great Casinos Roulette, Slots, Poker And More

There is no quality spared when it comes to non gamstop casinos, they are in no way inferior to casinos that are part of the self-exclusion program. Each and every one of them come with their own unique themes, come packed with the latest slots and games from the likes of Netent, Novomatic, Blueprint Gaming and more. All come with the latest games and the options to play Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and slots. With both live casino action and regular video versions of Roulette, Poker and Blackjack.

Betting Sites Are An Option Too

However what is lacking in the non gamstop niche at the moment is betting sites that are not one gamstop, and bingo sites that are not on gamstop. However there are a handful of places where you are able to place sports bets whist being on the Gamstop self-exclusion program, and play bingo too. You can read more about this on our relevant pages reviewing this situation.

So you may be interested in what happens if you want to self-exclude form a non Gamstop casino? If you are part of Gamstop then you are probably more than aware that once you signup, you are instantly excluded from all casinos that are part of the program. However if you have accounts open with a casino that is on Gamstop, you must first write to them to get your account closed. This is because Gastop only stops people from registering new account.

Self-Excluding From A Non Gamstop Casino

The process is a little different when wanting to self exclude from a gambling site that is not part of the Gamstop program. Here you will not be able to self-exclude from all, simply by registering with a self exclusion program. Instead you must contact the support at the casino you wish to exclude from, and let them know that you want to be excluded. Be aware that once you exclude yourself from one of these casinos, your exclusion is likely to be pernament.

Another option that you may be interested in, which we think is the best all round option is limiting your account. Limiting your account can be done at near-enough all online casinos whether they are part of Gamstop or not. Basically you just set an amount that you are happy with losing, bet it £10 a day, £10 a week or £10 a month, the limmit does not matter, you can simply set a limit that you are happy with.

GamCare Help For Gambling Addiction

Other help like GamCare is there to help you if you have issues with gambling. GamCare is not a self exclusion program, instead it is a website put together by the UK govenment that offers advice on problem gambling. This should be one of your fist port of calls if you find yourself spending more money than you should be on gambling.

The GamCare website offers a test to see if you are or are becioming a problem gambler. You will also find access to live chat and phone support for you to call if you find yourself in need. You can also take advice fropm other people that are in the same situation as you, or have been in the same situation as you, by visiting the GamCare forum. Here you can discuss all your issues withgamb other members and people who are at hand to help.

GamBan A similar Service To Gamstop

List Of Casinos Not On Gamstop Uk

Gamban is another self exclusion program, however unlike Gamstop, Gamban is a paid self exclusion program. Initially Gamban will offer you a free trial for fourteen days, after your free trial is up, you will have to pay 29 Euros per year. Having said that, there are many ways that you can get free access to Gamban. Many opperators and other gambling related services have contracts with Gamban and are able to get you the service for free.

To err is human and without exception, every single human is likely to have made a mistake. The challenge is to overcome the mistake and get going, without remaining stuck in a problem that you have created. One of the common mistakes that gamblers make is taking decisions in haste. New online casinos march 2018. For instance, a wrong bet could have been the because of a hasty decision. Similarly, an impulsive decision to self-exclude oneself from betting or gambling is always a possibility. With this list of 50+ non gamstop casinos you can undo the decision and get back to safe gambling. Here are methods that are typically used to get back online to place bets.

What happens when users register on self-exclusion sites like GamStop?

GamStop is an independent and a free site that comprises reputed gambling and betting sites. The purpose of the site is to allow gamblers a chance to self-exclude or prevent themselves from logging onto online casinos and place bets. The process works like this – an individual registers on the site and chooses to self-exclude himself from online gambling. Once the registration is complete, the details of the individual are registered on GamStop, and as a result the individual would be barred from accessing online gaming casinos.

List Of Casinos Not On Gamestop Stores

How is self-exclusion overcome on GamStop?

CasinosList of casinos not on gamestop stores

List Of Gambling Sites Not On Gamstop

Many individuals resort to unfair means to overcome self-exclusion. This is achieved by circumventing the logging in. For instance, a small change in login details is all that is required to ensure that a match in the database does not occur. As a result of this, the individual is able to log in and access online gaming sites. This is an unfair option and is as good as giving false information about oneself when registering at online casinos. It is tantamount to withholding information about one’s identity and giving false information. This option is hence not the best one to choose to get back to betting sites.

The best option is to get on sites that are not on GamStop. However, it is not as easy as it appears. For instance, there are many sites that are not on GamStop. It is important to not flog onto sites of dubious reputation that may end up swindling you off your money. It is essential to choose a site that has a good reputation. This will ensure that your gambling fetches you returns while not duping you off your hard earned income. Logging onto a wrong site may also invite the attention of law enforcement if the site is listed as an unauthorised or illegal one.

It is, therefore, necessary to log onto sites that are of good reputation. Multiple sites of good reputation are available online. Some are on GamStop while some are not on GamStop. Identifying reputed sites that are not on GamStop could be a challenge as it will be more of a trial and error method. The individual will have to log in and check if the site grants him access. Performing this multiple times will be time consuming, The best option is to choose a service that lists out sites that are not on GamStop.

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