Lucky 8 Roulette

Lucky 8 Roulette is a table game that features a staggering 51 pockets; the numbers 1 to 49, a single zero and the golden Lucky 8 section. Due to the way the table has been designed, players get more choice when it comes to betting options and increased odds. The game works the way that European roulette would, place your chips and hope for a win. Download Lucky Roulette - Game and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. ‎Simple roulette application. Start & Stop by touching center circle. Also you can set the number of pies by tapping background then roll black wheel. FEATURES - This is a easy roulette game. The spin speed depends on the speed of your finger on the screen. Simple roulette application. Start & Stop by touching center circle. Also you can set the number of pies by tapping background then roll black wheel. FEATURES - This is a easy roulette game. The spin speed depends on the speed of your finger on the screen.

Lucky8 Roulette Demo from the comfort of your own home. The live casino employs the most advanced 21 st century technology to ensure that your live dealer Australian pokies online casino experience will bring you a realistic casino event that you can enjoy anywhere and at any time.

I’m pretty sure Lucky 8 Roulette is the oldest bonus roulette game still doing the rounds in the bookies. You can find Lucky 8 Roulette on the roulette machines in Rizk and Betfred, and just like Key Bet Roulette, Lucky 8 features a progressive cashpot that grows with each spin of the wheel. Unlike Key Bet Roulette however are the 50 different numbered positions on the larger roulette wheel, spreading from 0 to 49 plus the Lucky 8 Roulette bonus position.

This Lucky 8 Roulette cheat involves playing for the progressive cashpot, which in the majority of cases will cost under £20, but may take a long time to hit.
You play Lucky 8 Roulette for at least £1 per spin, and unlike other bonus roulette games, you don’t need to bet on the Lucky 8 slot to win the bonus. Scatter your bets in any fashion across the roulette table, covering four numbers with each chip. It’s best to bet either £1 or £2 per spin and get a return of £3 or nothing or the progressive pot. This strategy makes the cost of playing extremely cheap, and offers up a free chance to get the Lucky 8 Roulette progressive cashpot.

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Lucky 8 Roulette

Lucky 8 Roulette Cheats

As you don’t need to bet on the Lucky 8 position, you can imagine that the pots are usually quite low, and for the most part you would be right. It is best to take these on when they are around £60 or more and just sit and be patient, never deviating from your £1 or £2 bet.
When the ball eventually lands in the Lucky 8 bonus slot, a wheel numbered 1 to 8 will rotate and stop randomly on one of the numbers. Numbers 1 to 7 all lose and return you to the game, number 8 will pay the cashpot. This bonus takes place whenever the ball lands in the bonus slot regardless of whether there is a bet on it or not. If you have placed a chip on it, you’ll be paid the standard Lucky 8 odds (48/1) as well as having the chance of winning the progressive pot.

There is a version of Lucky 8 Roulette online which is very similar to the bookies version, and is well worth a play if you like these type of games. As far as I can tell, the online version is one of only a small handful of bonus roulette games that have made it online. The cashpot on these is usually £500. Play Lucky 8 Roulette online here.

Lucky 8 Roulette has been with us in one form or another for nearly ten years, and although it has been relegated to the back menus of the bookies FOBT machines, it still gets played by a few dedicated fans.

Using 50 numbers from zero up to 49, Lucky 8 Roulette provides greater odds with the added bonus of a randomly occurring progressive pot. Free spins online tool coin master. You can play Lucky 8 Roulette at William Hill and Betfred bookies, as well as online at William Hill Casino, which although is similar, it does use a slightly different format.

The concept of Lucky 8 Roulette is as straight forward as playing regular roulette, with bets available both straight-up on any number, as well as outside bets on red / black, high / low and odd / even. There is also a hot and cold number display which shows which the most hit and least hit numbers over the last 500 spins. Use this as only guidance, the hot and cold chart has no baring over what is ‘due’ as the game is random.

Lucky 8 Roulette Progressive Pot

Most people play these for the progressive pot which starts as low as £0, up to a maximum of £350. The pot increases in increments of money depending upon how much is bet per spin. Like all FOBT roulette games, the maximum prize per spin is £500, with a maximum stake of £100.

Lucky 8 Roulette Slot Machine

The progressive pot is triggered when the ball lands in the Lucky 8 position on the roulette wheel. This will then trigger the bonus round which gives a true odds games of 1/8 of hitting the pot. Landing on the Lucky 8 position will pay the entire value of the pot as well as any money that was placed on the Lucky 8 position on the roulette wheel.

Many Lucky 8 pots are on very low values, and there is a very good reason for this, the same reason in which why the base pot can start on £0. This is because you do not need to bet on the Lucky 8 position to win the pot. Any time the ball lands in the bonus slot, the bonus will be triggered regardless of whether you have bet on that position. If it then proceeds to spin onto the number 8, the pot will be paid.

Lucky 8 Roulette Game

This is not a cheat or a special way of playing them, they have been designed like this to allow regular players to win the pots without them been targeted solely by professionals. This also explains why the pots are incredibly low values in the majority of cases, as they pay out far more often than people give them credit for.

Lucky 8 Roulette Games

Lucky 8 Roulette is an enjoyable roulette game, which can be found on the back pages of the latest roulette terminals, or played online.