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Mahjong Solitaire is a tile matching puzzle game. You may click on any 'free' tiles (those that are on the edge) to select them, and match them with other free tiles with the same face to eliminate them from the board. Mahjong is an exciting puzzle game for kids and adults.

  1. Mahjong Alchemy Unblocked is a very simple game to play. Your objective in this game would be to match the two bricks and then click on them to remove them. You will keep doing this until all the bricks are gone. Once all bricks are gone, the level will be finished, and you will move onto the next level.
  2. Mahjongg Candy requires you to tap two matching mahjong tiles to remove them from the board - note that only unblocked tiles can be picked! Each basic Mahjongg Candy match is worth 200 points, and you will want to match your multiplier tiles as early as you can to maximize your Mahjong Candy score.
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Description: Mahjongg is a Chinese solitaire game. The object of the game is to remove all of the tiles from the board by selecting two free tiles of the same kind. A tile must have at least one side unblocked in order to be playable. There are four tiles for each character. Flowers and seasons are different and have only one of each kind - therefore you can match any flower with any flower or any season with any season.


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Note: This Flash game was resurrected by Ruffle. We are using Ruffle to emulate our Flash games. It doesn't work for every game yet, but we hope to bring back more and more Flash content as Ruffle is further developed.

You've opened a bakery and customers are lined up around the block to buy one of your delicious cakes. Take orders from your customers and decorate the cakes to match their requests to keep your customers happy. Are you ready to bake the perfect cake?

Welcome to the new Mahjong game. Your goal is to remove all of the tiles from the board. Tiles can be removed by finding a matching pair but only “free tiles” can be picked up. “Free tiles” are those that do not have anything on top of them and are free to access from either the left or right. By default this version of Mahjong has highlighting enabled so you can see which tiles are free - try turning it off for an added challenge. Also tap the in-game “help” button for information about special tiles. This game has HD graphics, tracks your wins and losses and can be played on desktop or mobile. Mahjong is an excellent mental exercise, and research has shown that regular play has a positive and lasting effect on cognitive function. Try playing daily or several times a week and see how much you can improve your speed and efficiency!

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