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Mancala - Learning Connections Essential Skills Problem Solving - mathematical thinking Logical Thinking - make decisions based on prior outcomes Planning a Strategy - learn the rules and apply. Mancala game rules are actually set on a simple logic. The only thing that you need to do, is to decide on a correct strategy at the very beginning of the game and pursue this till the end of the game. Game is played between two player. Each player has 24 stones at the beginning. There are 12 spots in the Mancala game. Mancala is a game strategy; move seeds around your and your opponent’s pits and try to collect the most seeds in your mancala to win. Mancala Master is easy to play, has great graphics, can save and resume games, and allows you to take on one of two computer opponents or play against your friend in two player mode on a single device, all for. Mancala is, in every sense, a game of pure skill and strategy. Each sowing must be calculated in terms Of how it affects your ability to capture the stones in your opponent's cups and in terms of how it affects your opponent's ability to capture the stones in your pits. Flight is a relatively simple move used to defend your stones from.

  • Mancala v.1.0Mancala is a general name which applies to a group of very old Asian and African games in which stones or seeds were moved from cups on a game board or holes in the ground. A great counting game, Mancala requires strategy and patience.
  • Multiplayer Mancala v.1.0.0Play the ancient gameMancala with another player over the internet.
  • MVP Mancala v.1.01Six computer opponents challenge you to a hot game of Mancala, the ancient game of Africa.
  • Mancala 3000 v.1.5Mancala is one of the oldest two-player strategy games in the world. It has been played throughout Asia and Africa for over 7,000 years. Download the free shareware version today and play against a computer opponent.
  • Mancala in C v.0.1.0Mancala is a GPL'd, ANSI C-based implementation of the ancient African game of Mancala (also called Awari), an abstract mathematical game in the same manner as chess. The program is available in graphical and text ..
  • Mancala Online v.1.0Mancala Online is a Java based Implementation of the ancient african board game mancala. For its Online-capability Mancala uses the Jabber Instant Messaging System and ..
  • Awele/Oware-Mancala for Windows v.1.004Awele/Oware is the oldest African board game and is still widely played throughout the world today. Its known by many names. Awele/Oware is a game of strategy and is easy to learn and fun to play. You can play against the computer or a friend. The ..
  • Bantumi (FREE) v.2.10If you are a proud Nokia mobile phone owner, you don't have to be introduced to this engaging strategy game. If not, you can have the chance to train your mind with this ancient game. Bantumi originated in Africa and is originally called Mancala.
  • Congkak System v.1.0Traditional Malaysian board game. Similar to Mancala. Implement NeuralNetwork (NN) agent, Min-Max, and Random move. System is based on Adam Cofer's Mancala system (2003). Also using Neuroph 2.5b by Zoran Servarac for NN. All code under ..
  • Oware/Reversi Midlet (GPL) v.0.1.6This is a program for Oware and Reversi (Othello) for J2ME/Cell and (PlamOS with IBM WME VM). Oware (popular in Africa) is a Mancala game suitable for adults. Reversi (Othello) is included. Based on mobilesuite (on sourceforge) with ..
  • Wari Java2ME for mobile v.1.0Wari to play in mobile with java 2 micro edition. Wari or Oware is a mancala game played in Africa, sometimes called 'The African ..
  • Keen Warri v.1.0Keen Warri is a computer implementation of Oware. Oware is an ancient abstract strategy game. It's part of the Mancala game family which have been around for thousands of years. Oware is easy to learn and play, but take a long time to master!
  • Layli: Somali Traditional Board Game v.1.0Layli Goobalay, literally meaning 'sexercise with circles't in the Somali language, is the Somaliland/Somalia variant of the classical Count and Capture board games, which are some times called also as ..
  • BeanCups v.1.0BeanCups ..
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  • Keen Warri Keen Warri is a computer implementation of Oware. Oware is
  • Wari Java2ME for mobile Wari to play in mobile with java 2 micro edition. Wari or
  • Mancala Mancala is a general name which applies to a group of very
  • Multiplayer Mancala Play the ancient game Mancala with another player over
  • Congkak System Traditional Malaysian board game. Similar to Mancala .
  • Bantumi (FREE) If you are a proud Nokia mobile phone owner, you don't have
  • Oware/Reversi Midlet (GPL) This is a program for Oware and Reversi (Othello) for
  • Mancala in C Mancala is a GPL'd, ANSI C-based implementation of the
  • Layli: Somali Traditional Board Game Layli Goobalay, literally meaning 'sexercise with circles't
  • Awele/Oware-Mancala for Windows Awele/Oware is the oldest African board game and is still

Mancala online, free

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This is another classic logic game you can play against the computer. Your goal is to gather more gems to your mancala (the right cup) than the computer gets into its mancala (on the left).

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A brief history of the game

Board games like chess and mancala have been a part of a long legacy and tradition of board games that the human civilization has invented, based on mathematical puzzles and logical strategies. These games are examples of the marvellous ingenuity that the human brain is so effortlessly capable of and go on to show that intellectual stimulation of any kind is the elixir that ensures the continuous growth and evolution of human cognitive abilities.

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Mancala Online

Mancala Online 2 Player

The word 'mancala' owes its etymological origins to the Arabic word 'naqala', which literally denotes 'moved'. What is remarkable is that Mancala is not one specific game. Instead, it is a term that has been designated to a certain type of games, a certain kind of gameplay. The word has been consistently put to use in countries all over the world, but mostly in Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. The physical equipment of a standard mancala game consists of a pitted board, which has rows of depressions, arranged symmetrically. The players are provided with seeds or cowries or shells to put in the holes according to the prescribed rules.

Historical evidences of this game have been found in excavation sites in Ethiopia, which have been found to be as old as 6th to 7th century. There have been mentions of the game in various ancient texts as well, showing that it is part of a time-honoured tradition of pitting one’s wits and strategies against those of an opponent.

A general outline of the game mechanics

  • The objective is to capture as many stones or seeds before the other player empties their side of the board.
  • The players each have one side of the board to themselves (top and bottom). At the end of each side, there are larger sized pits(mancalas) that hold the seeds of the players.
  • The player starts with putting the seeds from his mancala into the pits on his side of the board, if he ends his turn in an empty pit, he captures the opponent’s seeds in the pit that is next to that pit.
  • If he ends in his own mancala, he gets to repeat the action again.
  • The winner is the one with the most number of seeds in his mancala and also with any remaining on his side of the board.