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With a 162-game season per team and 30 teams, Major League Baseball is the ultimate sport with action for sports bettors. During the regular season and through the playoffs, you will have no shortage of opportunities to fire off bets and hopefully clean up a nice profit. If you’re interested in taking your MLB betting to the next level, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re a major leaguer when it comes to sports betting or you’re still putzing around in the little leagues, we’ve got information that is going to help.

MLB betting and odds have been available for decades - legal or not, and to this day the MLB is our main summer focus as sports bettors. There are over 2,430 Major League Baseball games played during the regular season, with each team playing 162 games. 1 day ago  Mobile sports betting, check. An MLB franchise, check. Yes, the Rockies did finish 26-34 last season but they have a stable of talent that provided a good outlook for 2021. That was of course before they traded All-Star third baseman Nolan Arenado to the St. Louis Cardinals.

Best MLB Betting Sites


For those of you who are ready to place your bets, we’ve compiled a list of the best online sportsbooks offering action on Major League Baseball. These sites offer action on all of the games, futures bets, and even some profitable prop bets for you to choose from. Our expert staff has combed the web looking for the best of the best, and this is what they’ve found. These are the most trusted sites with the best action for people looking to bet on baseball.

We do want to point out that no sportsbooks can pay us for a better review or higher ranking or recommendation. The only way for a book to make it onto this closely guarded list is by providing the best sports betting service possible with special considerations for MLB bettors.

Betting Site
BonusBet Now
1 up to €30 Free BetGo to Site
100% up to €122Go to Site
3100% up to €200Go to Site
100% up to €50Go to Site
5 100% up to €50Go to Site

Our Expert Picks

It’s no secret that there are some people out there who absolutely crush betting on Major League Baseball. These bettors have mastered their craft and regularly make money hand over fist. If you’ve ever wondered how these guys and gals think and what bets they are making, you’re in luck. We have several experts on our staff who have agreed to share not only their upcoming betting picks but also their mindset into how they arrived at their conclusions.

This sort of baseball betting information should cost a lot of money, but they’re willing to give it to you for free. What’s the catch? There is no catch. This is a free and unfettered look into the brains of these geniuses. The best part is that their picks are posted BEFORE the games so that you too can capitalize on their expertise. If you never learn a single thing about betting on baseball, you can still get in on the action with our expert picks, completely free of charge.

MLB Betting Strategy

Some of you aren’t here to take the easy road to success. While you’re probably fans of the insight you get from our expert picks, you want to be able to make your own picks. You want to be able to flex your brain muscle and put your skills to the test. Trust us, we totally get it. With the right strategy, you can get way more action and find other great value spots within the 2,430-game regular season as well as the postseason and World Series. You also no longer have to rely on our experts to be on their game, because you will be calling the shots yourself.

To help you on your journey to becoming your own MLB betting expert, we’ve compiled a detailed list of MLB betting strategies. With these tips and tricks, you should be able to build your own winning betting strategy to start crushing the books. These are the same tips that our team of experts use on a daily basis to make their picks.

Remember, these tips will need to be coupled with some good research and hard work. Don’t expect to read our guide and instantly be the best. However, if you read our MLB betting tips and couple them with some hard work, your odds of being a successful sports bettor will shoot through the roof.

Most Popular MLB Bets

Major League Baseball betting not only comes with plenty of games to bet on, but it also comes with plenty of types of bets for you to make. These different bet types give you new and interesting ways to leverage your predictions. Do you have to use every type of MLB bet listed here? You certainly do not. In fact, there are many successful professional sports bettors who only use one or two of the different bet types listed here.

There’s no reason to complicate things unless you have a reason to. What we’re saying is that these different types of bets should only be used if you have a strong prediction that calls for the use of one of them to turn that prediction into cash. It’s not that there is anything wrong with them or that they are complex, it’s just that some novice sports bettors feel that they have to complicate things or else they “aren’t doing it right.”

Run Line Bets

The MLB run line bet is one of the more popular baseball bets that you’ll run into. With this bet, you are picking a game winner, but they must either win by a certain number of runs or lose by less than a certain number of runs. This is very similar to spread betting in football, with a few differences.

With MLB betting, the “spread” or the run line is always 1.5 runs. This does not change. The team that is the favorite has to win by more than 1.5 runs for you to win your bet. The team that is the underdog must lose by less than 2 runs for you to win your bet. The way that the sportsbook encourages and discourages bets on either side of a run line is by changing the payout odds. Unlike spread betting where each side of the bet gets paid the same, you will see different payout odds with run lines.

The popularity of run line bets comes from allowing you to bet on a team that you think is going to overperform, but still may lose the game. If you’re curious to learn more about MLB run line bets, we have a fully dedicated section for you to check out that will fully explain run lines and how they work.

Moneyline Bets

Another popular bet type for Major League Baseball is the moneyline bet. Simply put, the moneyline bet is where you pick a winner and get paid if they win. There are no spreads or run lines to worry about. If the team you pick wins the game, you win your bet.

Mlb Sports Betting Odds

As you may already suspect, you will not be paid the same for every bet that you win. The more likely that a team is to win a game, the less the sportsbook will pay you for a correct pick. The less likely that a team is to win a game, the more the sportsbook will pay you for a correct pick. Of course, these payout numbers are not always going to be correct, which is where finding value comes in, but this is a good general guideline for you to understand these bets.

Series Bets

An MLB series bet deals with the postseason. As you may or may not know, the MLB postseason is a series of matchups that are done in a best of series format. The sportsbooks we’ve recommended above (and most brick-and-mortar sportsbooks) will give you the ability to bet on which team will win that series. Again, the payout odds will be adjusted based on the likelihood of each team winning the series.

You’ll be able to make these bets for all playoff series as well as the World Series.

Proposition Bets

Mlb Betting Help

Proposition bets are bets on whether or not something will happen. The definition of the bet usually confuses people, but examples make it much clearer. Which team will score first? Which team will have the first hit? Will a certain player hit a home run in the game? All of these are examples of prop bets that will be available to you. Now, you won’t always get these prop bets with every single game in the brick-and-mortar setting (in fact, you might only get them in the playoffs or the World Series), but you will get these bet options for most games when you are wagering online.

The one caveat that we always like to mention with prop bets is to make sure that you’re only betting on props that require skill and expertise to predict. Betting on which team will score first takes skill. You have to know who the leadoff players are, which teams come out of the gate hot, and a whole host of other factors that could influence the outcome of this prop bet. This is what we refer to as a skilled prop bet.

On the other side, it takes no skill to predict whether the total runs in a baseball game will be an even or odd number. This is straight gambling and what we call unskilled prop bets. Bets like this can be fun, but they should never be part of a long-term betting strategy. They should be used for entertainment purposes only.

How do you tell the difference between skilled and unskilled prop bets? You have to use your brain. It should be fairly easy for you to look at a prop bet and decide if it’s one that you can beat long term. Sports bettors have a really bad habit of trying to convince themselves that every prop bet is beatable. Our guess is this is because they enjoy the action and don’t want to admit that some of the bets they are making are only good for entertainment value. Please don’t be that guy or gal unless you’re just looking for a fun sweat.

Futures Bets

A futures bet in Major League Baseball is a wager about something that is going to happen in the future. Some of the more popular futures bets are which team is going to make the playoffs, which team is going to win the World Series, or how many wins in a season a team is going to have. All of these bets are usually made early on in the season, or before the season. As you can imagine, you can get pretty good payout odds having to predict something like this well before it happens.

Some sportsbooks close these futures odds at the beginning of the season while some will keep them open for the duration of the season or playoffs. When they do this, the odds will change according to how much more or less likely the event is to happen. As you may already know, the object here is to buy low. If you can get in on a team while they are struggling, you can get great odds for something to happen. If they turn things around, you could be in for a really nice payday.

Over-Under Bets

Mlb Sports Betting Partnerships

Over-under bets are also known as totals bets. These are wagers on whether the total number of runs scored in a baseball game will be above or below a certain threshold. Typically, both sides of the wager (the over and the under) will pay out the same amount of money. The oddsmakers will adjust the total threshold to encourage or discourage the action they need.

Mlb Sports Betting Picks

Let’s say that the over-under line for an upcoming baseball game is seven runs and you bet the over. If the final score is 5-4, you’d win your bet, because the total number of runs scored was nine. It does not matter which team scores the runs. If the final score were 8-0, you would still win your over bet. If the final score were 4-3, you would push your bet and get your money back because there were seven total runs.

Mlb Sports Betting Odds

The Big Picture – MLB Betting

Mlb Sports Betting Picks

You’re now fully stocked with the information, recommendations, tips, and tricks that you need to bet on Major League Baseball successfully. It’s now up to you to put all of it together and put in the hard work necessary to take you from a novice amateur bettor to the big leagues as a success. Casino crown slot machine. You have all the tools you need at your disposal. Remember to bookmark this page in case you need to come back and review any of the information. We have faith that if you work hard, you’ll be able to start crushing the books in no time.