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  • Browser-based multiplayer roleplaying game in space setting. Average: 5.7 (63 votes) Rate. Casual Mafia-like game in setting of Medieval fantasy. Average: 7.8 (4 votes) Rate. Browser-based Dino MMO game featuring RPG and shooter elements. Average: 10 (4 votes) Rate.

List of the best free browser-based MMORPGs online

We collected 1039 of the best free online multiplayer games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new multiplayer games such as Warfare Classic and top multiplayer games such as Bullet Force, Shell Shockers, and Madalin Stunt Cars 2.

Here's a comprehensive list of no-download-required browser-based free MMORPGS.
The browser-based game industry continues to go strong. As the internet and inexpensive computers continue to spread around the globe, people continue to look for Free MMORPGs to play on their browsers. Considering the fact that new computer games continue to increase drastically in their minimum requirements, browser-based games have a strong user base.
And now with smartphones running rampant, these relatively low-resource browser games mmorpgs will continue to increase in demand. Let us know your favourite browser mmorpg games.


So I was stumbling around on StumbleUpon when I suddenly came across BrowserQuest. It's not an extensive game in any sense of the word, it looks more like a fun project by Guillaume Lecollinet and Franck Lecollinet. But the game itself turned out to be quite fun, and brings you back in time. Takes no time to get started, just press start and begin. And you can probably beat the final boss within five or ten minutes if you really rush it. But it's still a throw-back to the old days (not that I ever really played rpg's) and quite fun!

The Settlers Online

In this mmorpg build your own medieval kingdom, expanding your empire through exploration, trade, and fighting your enemies.


Evony mmorpg browser based game. Build your city and empire, fight other players and take over their city. One week starting protection, free to play.

Battlestar Galactica

Sci-fi mmorpg browser game, Choose Cylon or Human and battle. Complete missions, command ships, and fight an inter-galactic war based on the characters you know and see new ones.

Goodgame Empire

Multiplayer Browser Games 2020

Start building a small castle, and turn it into the capital of your empire. Manage the economy and military, defend yourself and expand your borders. Team up with other players and forge alliances.

Uprising Empires

Choose from four empires, Jerusalem, Byzantine, Mongolian and Turks, and develop your society from Barbarianism into a powerful civilization. Assemble an army, recruit elite heroes, conquer the world and re-write history.


Another city building mmorpg game with more light hearted graphics. Gather resources, build your city, conquer neighbouring cities, join alliances.

Lord of Ultima

Empire building browser based mmorpg, free to play, no download required. over 30 building types, and 18 combat units. Focus on trade and economy or become a feared conqueror. Great animated graphics, all from your browser.


Turn your small town into a flourishing capital city and then into an empire. Gather resources, research, use teamwork. Remarkable graphics, build, trade, settle, pillage.

Spiral Knights

To survive you must amass an arsenal of weapons and gear. Total freedom to customize your character. Explore the world and battle in your adventure to the core. Zombies Online

Free to play browser mmorpg game. No download required, team up with friends and have co-op battles. Quests, mysteries, zombies. Ten fighting factions, join in the chaotic fight to rule the city.

A Mystical Land

Family friendly free-to-play mmorpg fantasy game. Play from your browser. 3D graphics, 4 character classes, 25 levels, 38 zones, 50 skills, tons of monsters, impressive visuals, critically acclaimed, best to check it out.

Adventure Quest Worlds

Massive multiplayer online role playing game. Battle monsters in real time right from your browser, team up with friends. Chaos and insanity is the name of the game.

Grand Epic Online

A more traditional mmorpg, explore and battle, develop your character. Thousands of quests, pets and mounts, party system, instances requiring teamwork.

Puzzle Pirates

Puzzle pirates is a browser based mmorpg no download required game featuring adventure, strategy and puzzles. Battle scallywags, search for hidden treasures, and explore your pirate ship. Take private adventures, quests, develop your characters swordsmanship and explore the uncharted waters and islands.


In FusionFall you will be exploring and battling in a massively multiplayer Cartoon Network universe. Collect items, 30 character customizations, over 600 unique missions. Distinctive look and gameplay.

Odin Quest

Browser based massively multiplayer ARPG action role playing game. Outstanding visual effects, magic, dungeons, exciting player combat, pets and a story based on Nordic Mythology. Classes, dungeons, alliances, quite the experience. Play free, no download.


2D fantasy MMORPG with unique graphics and gameplay. Side-scroller based mmorpg, control your neosaur dinosaur. Your mission is to save the planet, while exploring, adventures and finding magic. Evolve your character. Hundreds of unique characters.

Gilfor’s Tales

Gilfor’s Tales, critically acclaimed graphics for browser based games. Similar stylings to Baldur's Gate or Diablo. 'most advanced' browser game out there developed in Flash. At least 20 hours of game play, plus duels and interactions with other players. No downloads required. Many graphics and elements rendered on the fly allowing for unique interactions.

Aurora Blade

Fight in a fantasy world, with 4 classes, with 30 spells each. Plus an evolution into 3 subclasses after level 40. A large player community to fight with, develop skills and items.


Juggernaut is a browser based mmorpg, free to play from your browser. Unique graphics and a 3D battle system that is complex and engaging. Interesting background story and no download required. Upgrade your character and find items by exploring and killing - fun.


Nindou is themed as a 2D ninja casual PvP style Massively multiplayer online role playing game. Keeping up? Use powerful weapons and cast spells to become the Nindou ninja master. Interesting graphics browser based game.


Fantasy, magic and war in this mmorpg. You play through a series of dungeons and battles, exploring the world and defeating opponents. You can customize your character and battle requires user involvement.

Starlight Story

This browser mmorpg focuses on adventuring with a huge variety of pets to fight alongside you. They are important in battle. The graphics are vibrant with bright colors, and you can transform your character into dozens of new forms to wield more power. PVP capability, including arena duels.

Crystal Saga Origins

Fantasy Browser MMORPG, has a broad range of classical rpg characters to choose from, each has unique skills and characteristics. Customization is key in this mmorpg, from your skills, weapons, and character. Five different PvP modes.

Marvel Avengers Alliance

Centered on the city of New York, you play as a junior S.H.I.E.L.D agent and must tackle the threat of super villains. Vibrant Marvel characters and graphics, with teamwork and multiplayer action being key to success.

Drakensang Online

Great 3D graphics and effects straight from your browser in this mmorpg. Epic story line along with separate quests. Landscaped filled with hostile monsters to kill. Must unite with other players to succeed.

Forge of Empires

A strategy empire building style browser mmorpg game, you start in the stone age. Research buildings and technologies to advance to further eras and turn your settlement into an empire. Challenge friends and enemies to duels, fight battles, use terrain to your advantage.

Wings of Destiny

MMORPG with multiple classes, pets, dungeons, equipment, and auction house, mailbox, guilds, etc. Features combat systems and daily events.

Dragons of Atlantis

Build your empire, and raise a dragon to help defend your city and lead your army. Join alliances to increase protection. Defeat enemy camps to get more resources. Facebook game.


Multiplayer browser games fps
Science fiction MMORPG game focused on city building. Of course you are also at war on an inter-galactic level. Real time strategy gameplay, you are commander in charge of military and city development.

Dragon Eternity

Choose your side, Vaalor or Sadar. Are you calm and sensible looking to trade? Or are you warlike looking for glory, strength, and sacrifice. Features battlegrounds, auctions, quests, instances, professions, reputations, etc.

Puppet Guardian

Travel through the virtual world and collect items and experience. Defend yourself against monsters, synthesize items of sophistication, power and beauty. Friendly multiplayer experience. Free browser mmorpg.


Free to play PvP MMORPG in 2D featuring battles, chat, exploration. Customize your characters armor, battle items and weapons. Face your opponents and friends in turn-based strategic combat. Weekly updates.

Free Realms

3D browser based mmorpg, featuring a variety of gameplay features, interesting activities, dozens of mini-games and activities. Plenty of professions to choose from as well, combat is optional. Family friendly.


Battle monsters, earn gold and gain new gear as you fight to become powerful and defeat the final boss. Features challenges, dungeons, progressive and repeatable quests, pets, upgrades, housing for players, friends lists and great graphics.

Arenas of Glory

A 3D browser based mmorpg with great graphics. Fight battles against thousands of gladiators.


Superb PvP action in this free 2D browser based game. Lots of adventure and excitement with complex and strategic characters. You can attack anyone at any time. This game stands out among the rest of the MMO's for its vicious PvP abilities and qualities.


Free online MMORPG dedicated to the classics. Inspired by old-school games like Zelda and Final Fantasy, this will bring you back in time.


Fragoria is an epic massive multiplayer online role playing game designed to be beautiful in a fantasy world with real time combat. Medieval world of monsters with quests, storyline, experiences. Customize your character, skills, equipment, etc.

Fantasy Online

Another 2D MMORPG looking to bring back the old-school console RPG style. Features classes, spells, exploration, levels, equipment, stats, etc.

Dead Frontier

The ultimate zombie survival MMORPG! Free browser based end of the world zombie horror game. Huge apocalyptic world, over a 100 weapons, mini games, brutal PvP.

Multiplayer Browser Games For Friends

Last Updated: June 2, 2019

Looking for great browser games you can play while at work or on the go? None of these games have to be installed on any device in order to enjoy them. Check out what we think are the best browser games you can play anywhere.


Transformice is an MMO game where players take on the role of mice chasing cheese. Each level is custom-built by the shaman mouse in two-minute hectic bursts. The shaman can choose to help his fellow mouse friends, or ruin everything. Saving mice means leveling up the shaman talent tree faster for building more amazing levels.

Multiplayer Browser Games With Friends

There are hundreds of levels to complete and several different game modes available. Even if you don’t like the building aspect and being a shaman, you can have fun playing user-generated levels. Transformice is completely free to play, but there are microtransactions. They don’t enhance the gameplay and are completely cosmetic, though. Cashmio no deposit free.


Travian has been around for over 20 years and was the precursor to modern mobile games like Clash of Clans. Players can choose an ancient civilization to guide through the ages, guarding wealth and protecting allies. Each game is played over months on a single server. Players are free to team up in alliances to deal with threats.

The game does feature a few microtransactions, but overall it is one of the best city-building browser games to play. The graphics recently got a massive overhaul, making it easier to play on a smartphone screen. Travian has several servers to choose from in a variety of languages.


TacticsCore is one of the only high-stakes space dogfighting games you can play in your browser. Players choose from a variety of warships including the roller, javelin, silencer, and manta. Each ship has unique statistics and weaponry that create a unique feel. The graphics are pretty basic and are reminiscent of older real-time strategy games.

Each team starts with a finite number of supply units. Killing enemy units takes supply away from them. Once the final amount reaches 0, the command center is vulnerable. Players can work as a team to destroy the enemy command center. is a massively multiplayer browser game that takes place in a petri dish. Players take control of a cell that grows by eating smaller cells. They must also avoid larger players who will consume them. Players can split into and control multiple cells to strategize in case pieces are eaten. has five different game modes including free-for-all, battle royale, teams, experimental, and party. Becoming the largest cell requires eating every other player. Obstacles like viruses can prevent players from growing a large cell. borrows some of the same concepts introduced by, but in a different setting. Players assume the role of a snake that grows larger as you eat pieces littered across the level. Players can capture other snakes and eat them, growing larger in the process.

Each snake can be customized with special colors and unique names. The game didn’t get as popular as during its hey-day, but it is still a great alternative. As the snake becomes larger, it slowly begins to lose momentum, making it harder to control.

Multiplayer Browser Games 2020

Viking Village: Party Hard

Viking Village: Party Hard is a fast-paced multiplayer action game. It’s still in development, but you can play a version of the game from its website. Players participate in a battle royale-style showdown against other Vikings while death metal chiptunes play in the background.

The more games you play, the more you level up your character with powers. Deathmatch is the most popular mode, where up to eight players can compete against one another. The game also features some Facebook integration, though it’s not required to play at this time.

Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad God is a massively multiplayer bullet hell shooter game. Character death is permanent, though some items can be stored for safekeeping for later characters. The game is free-to-play with optional in-game micro-transactions. Items that can be bought include high-level equipment and potions.

The game feels like a fast-paced MMO, where leveling up to face the boss quickly is encouraged. Once enough players reach the highest level, players ‘hoard up’ and go and attack the level’s final boss. Once the event bosses are defeated, players receive lots of loot and the world resets again.


Runescape is a classic browser MMO that has been around since 2001. The game features plenty of places to roam and skills to level as you journey through the world. At least two different versions of the game exist. Runescape and Runescape Classic ⁠— which is closer to how the game felt initially.

Runescape was often the first MMO experience of people who played online games in the early 2000s. Despite it feeling a little long in the tooth compared to more recent MMOs. The game features both a subscription model and microtransactions to purchase.

Town of Salem

Think you’re good at spotting a liar? Town of Salem is a browser-based game about finding the witch in a group of citizens. The game ranges from 7 to 15 players ⁠— each with a different alignment. Town members are good guys, while mafia, serial killers, arsonists, and neutrals run amok. Those who spawn as the evil classes must kill townies to fulfill their quests.

Town of Salem is available to play directly in any browser, but it also features an iOS and Android app. Spotting the baddies isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially when your friends are encouraged to lie to protect themselves.

Kingdom of Loathing

Kingdom of Loathing is an online browser adventure game with a sense of humor. All of the graphics and items are drawn stick figures with hilarious humor. The game makes fun of several tropes in popular computer RPGs. Occasionally, there are competitions and contests to win.

Kingdom of Loathing doesn’t really have a competitive side. You can also play multiple characters to experience all the different available class options.

Neptune’s Pride

Neptune’s Pride is one of the only games on this list that is meant to take place across weeks. It is a strategy game that can be played with others and includes plenty of scheming and betrayal. The game plays more like a graphical play-by-email game in a real-time setting.

It can be hard to describe, so check it out. Think of it like a week-long game of space Civilization that plays out differently depending on how treacherous your companions are. If fighting against others isn’t your thing, then check out Blight of the Immortals.

Blight of the Immortals

Blight of the Immortals is similar to Neptune’s Pride, but all players work together against an undead horde. The long-term strategy game takes place over several weeks. Players work as a team to destroy the undead. The game mixes collectible card games and tabletop strategy in a new mix.

Blight is best for those who prefer to work together with their friends than PVP. It is an HTML5 game, so it runs fine on any device. The game also features a robust tutorial to help you get started. How many of your virtual villagers will you keep alive as you face down the undead hordes?

Treasure Arena

Treasure Arena is an online battle-arena for up to four players. Players can loot a variety of weapons like bows, bombs, rockets, and more to destroy their foes. Survive enemy attacks by jumping and blocking. The player who collects the most coins wins the game.

Each player has six slots that can be filled with weapons and abilities to attack enemies. The soundtrack is a pretty great experience and lends well to the hectic gameplay.


Defentures is a hybrid defense game that draws inspiration from the tower defense genre. Players lead a band of dwarves to help them reach new treasures. You can upgrade their skills, teach them magic, and fight hordes of enemies. Several locations in the game grand different bonuses, so each map requires a new strategy to beat.

Each dwarf warrior can be adjusted to incoming enemy waves. Guilds give players an opportunity to change their playstyle based on their favorite tactics. Global skills are permanent upgrades that can help your dwarves defeat waves faster. Abilities like meteor showers and berserk can turn the tide of battle in a heartbeat.

Fallen London

Those looking for a story adventure should check out Fallen London. Players join the world of a London taken beneath the waves in a deal with the devil to save Prince Albert. Discover who you are and unravel the secrets of the ‘Neath.

Fallen London is entirely free to play, but there is a premium subscription option. For $7 a month, players can purchase an extra candle that grants more moves per day. The subscription also includes access to Exceptional Stories, which are new storylets that change monthly. Anyone looking to escape into a world vastly different than ours will enjoy the world of Fallen London.