Nightshark Gta

“There’s a special moment in the life of every billionaire
when you realize that everyone else is trying to kill you
and steal from you. And when the time comes, you want a
vehicle built exclusively to cater to that paranoid delusion.
Enter the Nightshark, where you can sit in perfect comfort
behind tinted, sniper-proof glass as the filthy hordes press
against your armored hull, then pull the trigger on the dual
machine guns and relax as the car does all the hard work
for you. Who’s crazy now?”

The Nightshark is a versatile car that can seat up to 4 players, making it the perfect vehicle for undertaking heists and other missions with friends in GTA Online. 3) Benefactor Schafter V12. Nightshark is fun against people trying to blow you up, because it takes a crazy beating. It's also decent for ramming, similar to the Insurgent between speed and being lower to the ground. You can drive into APCs and tip them over. That's pretty damn funny when you know the guy is stuck in the gunner seat. Grand Theft Auto Online PlayStation 4. Nightshark easily. Nightshark is fun against people trying to blow you up, because it takes a crazy beating. Side by-Side Comparison between the HVY Nightshark and the HVY Insurgent Pick-up GTA V Vehicles. Well, iirc the nightshark can withstand 14 RPGs. Which one is a better vehicle they have advantages nightshark is fast has si.i bulletproof from front with armor plates does not need an moc is faster and can take alot of hits now the insurgent is slower but heavy cannot be taken by cargobob can crush cars and pickup custom has the most firepower and all other aspects of the standard insergent they all can take alot of missiles can all be ran.

– Copy The mpnightshark Dlc Folder To mods/update/x64/dlcpacks
– Added The Line From Readme To Your dlclist.xml
– Spawn Name :: mpnightshark ::

– custom engine sound from HVY Nightshark
– with police sirens and police radio

– 1.0 – Initial release Gaming sites not on gamstop.


– Rockstar Games Original model
– TheF3nt0n For Model edits
– AG_MODS For Add-On Folder

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File uploaded by:Calvin.linardi
--HVY Nightshark ---
by: Calvin.linardi
this is was My old projcet, I decided to release it because I didn't want to keep it private for me, so I rushed on this model, it have a damage parts and everything is good for relase, so enjoy this Modern Russian armored SUV.
-Lowpoly / SA Style
-SA Dirt, Reflections, Plates
-custom COL, LOD and shadow mesh
-Vehfuncs hitch
Have Fun!

Nightshark Gta Weapons

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')' onmouseout='hide_info(this)'>Calvin.linardi
161.95 Kb
patriot.dff, patriot.txd

How To Get Machine Guns On A Nightshark Gta


Nightshark Gta Online


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Nightshark Gta Online

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Night Shark Gta

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