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If you seek a user-friendly gambling site that offers a wide array of fair and engaging games, you should give SlotsNBets Casino a try. The non UK online casinos feature colorful graphics and attractive themes that make the website unique.The platform is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. Furthermore, the casino site is highly secured as it uses 128-bit SSL technology to. # Are There Any Casinos Not On GamCare? Best non Gamcare casinos. Jump to content. Edit subscriptions. Popular-all-random-users AskReddit-funny-gaming-news-pics-movies-explainlikeimfive-worldnews-aww-todayilearned-videos-IAmA-Jokes-science-mildlyinteresting-tifu-LifeProTips-GetMotivated-askscience.

It annoys that its NOT a requirement by law for all casino's operating to a Uk audience to be registered with the gambling commission and hence signed up to Gamstop. Gamstop is such a useful tool but alas all that seems to be happening now is that the internet is becoming awash with 'non-gamstop' casino's. 👎 Not Certified by GamCare: GamCare is an excellent resource for every player. There, you can find a free gambling support line, forums, and advice. GamCare’s Safer Gambling Standard focuses on driving up responsible gambling policy standards. An online casino not on GamCare is likely to have inadequate safer gambling tools. Casinos not on Gamstop – Here you will find all the best non gamstop casinos there is to offer. Aside from the obvious not being with gamstop, there are many reasons why UK players turn to casinos not on gamstop.

Non Gamcare Casinos Near Me

It can be tricky to find a casino online at which to play if you have signed up to GamCare, for all of the ones that are part of that scheme will never let you sign up and play their games on offer.

Non Gamcare Casinos

But what you will very quickly discover though, if you have at one time or another and for any reason signed up to GamCare, is that not all casinos are part of their player blocking scheme.

So, by finding one of those sites you can sign up, make a deposit and then play any of the games they have available, but not all non GamCare casinos are part of that scheme.

You may however have recently started using the services offered by GamCare, which help people who are experiencing gambling related problems.

If you have then keep in mind that you will still be able to play casino games online but you should only ever do so if you are 100% confident you can gamble with money you can afford to lose and always play responsibly too.


How to Gamble When Signed up to GamCare

If you have made up your mind that you would like to start gambling again online or on any type of mobile device having signed up to use the GamCare service, then fear not it is going to be easier than you may have imagined, for all you will have to do is to sign up to one of our featured gambling sites, and you can gamble with no restrictions and with no risk of your accounts being closed either.

There will be the need to look for European casino sites that will be allowing you to set your accounts top run and operate in GBP if you do try any of them out to save you having to turn you bankroll into any other currency such as Euros.

Many of the Curacao online casinos do offer players a range of different currency settings on their newly opened accounts, so it will certainly be worth your time and effort checking out some of those casino sites at which to play at too.

The non verification casinos that are not GamCare listed will often force you to have to fund your account and cash out your winnings using a cryptocurrency so do always keep that in mind if you do decide to play at any of those sites.

One other thing to be aware of and keep in mind that each of the Gibraltar online casinos showcased to you on this website are run and operated to the very highest of industry standards, and as such you are never going to experience any type of problems when playing at those sites, I can guarantee you of that.

UK Gambling Rules and Laws

Let me now move over to giving you some insight into the unique set of laws and regulations surrounding gambling within the United Kingdom. One law that is very strictly monitored and policed is regarding the minimum age to game which for reference is 18, no one will be allowed to gamble online or in any venues or using any type of mobile device if they are younger than 18 years of game in the UK.

To learn more about gambling in the UK look over the UKGC website as you are going to find it comes packed with valued information about how every single game of chance must be designed to operate at any casino sites that are licensed and regulated by them.

Be aware that as you can sign up to lots of different gambling sites the onus is really going to be on you to ensure that the non GamCare sites that you do end up playing at are going to be giving you the best possible gambling experience, so never be in a rush to sign up to the very first one that you some across is my advice.

As you can of course play at casino licensed anywhere then make sure that the one or ones that you do finally choose to play at are going to not only going to be offering you the biggest and best range and choice of casino games, but look at the ones that are also going to be giving you access to the very best valued sign up and ongoing bonuses and promotional offers too.

Sadly I would also like you to be aware that some betting companies are dodgy and if you want to completely negate the chance of you falling victim to any type of betting site scam you will be best advised to only ever sign up to and gamble at those licensed and regulated non GamCare betting sites that you will see listed and reviewed throughout this website, so make sure you only gamble at those sites.

Casino Games Available at Non GamCare Sites

Let me now quickly rattle through the list of the many different types and categories of casino games that are always going to be on offer to you when you do decide to play at any of the featured non GamCare casino sites listed upon this very website.

Do keep and mind, and this is very important that you will be given the option of playing any of the following casino games for free and at no risk and when you do decide to give any of them any amount of play time for real money you can play them for low to high stake amounts too.

It will be the table games such as the single zero Roulette game many fans of playing table games will love playing at those sites, as the house edge on that variant if much lower than the double zero American Roulette game variant of course.

On the other hand if you are a card playing then you will be spoiled for choice at those non GamCare casino sites too, for you are going to have access to all manner of different card games including casino poker games Baccarat games and of course plenty of different variants of the very low house edge card game that is Blackjack too.

There are also going to be more than enough video poker and slot machines to play and those games could also be offering you the chance of winning a progressive jackpot when you are playing them too, so do look out for the games that may have one or more progressive jackpot attached to them if you dream of winning life changing jackpot, plus there will also be novelty and unique games too such as but not limited to scratch card games and keno games too.

Playing Casino Games at Non GamCare Sites

A few additional things to be aware of if you do fancy playing at any of the featured non GamCare casino sites that I have listed upon this site, include you always being able to make a hassle free deposit, and do keep in mind that many sites will also let you deposit by cryptocurrencies too.

As such if you are worried about for example using a debit card as you deposit option and having gambling site deposits appearing on your bank statement, then you will simply need to get yourself a digital wallet and star using a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin as you chosen and preferred payment method.

Do not worry about whether you are going to get paid out when you win at those sites either, as each of them do have a very solid track record for paying out their winnings players on time and in full, and they each have some very high cash out limits too.

As for whether you are going to be able to afford to play the casino games available at each of those non GamCare casino sites, well I would also like to point out to you that each of them do have fully adjustable stake levels.

In fact, you are also going to find demo mode versions of each of their games on offer too, which means if you do come across any games that you haven’t yet seen or played before then you are going to be more than welcome to give them as much no risk free play demo mode play time as you like, to get used to playing those games.

You will also find that you can play the casino games on offer at those non GamCare sites online, either via an instant play type of gaming platform or utilize a fully downloadable gaming platform instead, of if you wish to play casino type games on any type of mobile device, then simply download and make full use of the state of the art casino app each of them offer their players instead.

As I’ve experienced firsthand, bingo is easily on the top of the list of the most popular pastimes in the UK. Whether you enjoy playing a 75 or 90 balls variation, I’m sure you are having a great time. On to of that bingo sites feature all kinds of fancy bingo variations that you can try and have fun with.

With the Gamstop platform out, you can restrict your access to bingo sites anytime you want. But as some players, you can feel the need to play a game or two. With an active Gamstop exclusion, you won’t be able to do it on your favorite bingo sites. Your only option is to go with bingo sites not on Gamstop.

My list of the best non Gamstop Casino sites that I have reviewed and tested:

RankRoomsBonusLicensed byFeaturesReview..
  • Impressive range of betting opportunities
  • Convenient payment methods
  • Great sports coverage

If you want to learn more about which bingo sites not on Gamstop are trustworthy or need a further explanation of what Gamstop is, you are in the right place. Below you can find a quick overview of each website and also a guide to help you understand what Gamstop is.

Gamstop – What Is It?

Before I can tell you what Gamstop is, I need to make sure that you know what a self-exclusion tool is. A self-exclusion tool will allow you to self-exclude yourself from gambling sites. This applies to bingo sites as well. The most popular self-exclusion tools that many Brits have used so far are NetNanny and Gamban. A few years ago, the UK Gambling Commission decided to deliver the ultimate self-exclusion tool to the UK players.

This is how the public got Gamstop, the first, and if I may freely say, official self-exclusion scheme delivered by the UK Gambling Commission. You probably know that the UK gambling market is one of the most strictly regulated markets in the world. With the Gamstop in place, UKGC will ensure responsible gambling. But what’s more important, this scheme will help people minimize the risk of going through potential gambling problems.

If you think or feel that you may have a problem with gambling, you can use Gamstop to register your details. This will restrict your access to all casinos, betting, and bingo sites within the Gamstop network.

Gamstop definitely helps everyone in the industry build a better reputation both with players and the general public. Allowing players to stop playing for a longer period of time is a great way to promote responsible gambling.

To inform the players of this option, Gamstop is closely collaborating with companies in the gambling industry. Bingo sites are allowed to display the Gamstop logo in the bottom section of the homepage. This tells players that a particular site is in the Gamstop program.

The Flaws Discovered in the Gamstop System

The latest version of the Gamstop system is working as intended. But over the course of 18 months, the UKGC had several problems with it. This has prolonged Gamstop’s implementation. It explains why it remained a voluntary scheme for so long. Here are the main two problems discovered in the Gamstop self-exclusion scheme.

The Gamstop Workaround

Non Gamcare Casinos Near

Thanks to BBC reporters, I had the chance to read all about the Gamstop workaround. It appears that some of the players decided to use the self-exclusion scheme. After they have started the exclusion, they felt the need to play the same games on the same websites they were excluded from. They managed to do it even with Gamstop’s exclusion active.

The motivation behind the workaround attempts is less critical now. I won’t dive into the specifics to assess whether they were tempted back into betting or they simply changed their minds and wanted it again. What matters is that the system that was designed to exclude them from the websites didn’t work. At least it didn’t work as intended.

Non gamcare casinos reopening

Players simply changed their email addresses and used different information details when creating accounts and the doors to the casino and bingo websites were once again open for them.

Now you may argue that this is an extra effort they have to make to be able to gamble again. And it would be fine if the system was designed to introduce a few extra steps and give players the chance to cool off. But it was designed to exclude players for a week, a month, or a year. And it failed to do so.

There is one more thing, though. You can still play bingo even with Gamstop exclusion active. But you will be able to do so only on Bingo sites not on Gamstop. More about it later on.

Bad Emailing List Synchronisation

Another problem with Gamstop was brought to my attention thanks to the reporters of The Guardian. See, Gamstop’s intricate design doesn’t only revolve around excluding players from gambling websites. It should also protect them from promotional emails bingo, and casino sites often bombard players with.

When players register on Gamstop, even if they have active email subscriptions at casinos not on the Gamstop program, they should not receive any promotional emails. As you might’ve guessed, Gamstop failed to protect players with active exclusion from receiving promotional emails from casinos.

Fortunately, the UKGC discovered the problem. It was the faulty synchronization between Gamstop’s registered users’ list with gambling companies’ subscription emailing lists. This is very bad, considering that some people with an active Gamstop exclusion possibly had serious gambling issues and were trying hard to curb their habit.

The Gamstop team fixed both of these issues, and now the scheme is ready for wide implementation.

GamStop and Bingo Gambling in the News

How Does Gamstop Work?

The UKGC Gamstop self-exclusion scheme works flawlessly today, and more importantly, it is very easy to use. Gamstop network includes almost 99% of companies in the UK’s gambling market. This means that you can virtually exclude yourself from online gambling at UK gambling sites in a few simple clicks. This also includes bingo sites.

To get started, you will need to visit the official Gamstop website. The procedure is quite simple. You need to register an account. To do so, you fill out the forms on the website and verify your email address. Once you do that, you can choose how long you want your exclusion period to be.

It can range from a couple of weeks to a couple of years. Once you confirm this, you will be excluded from all the gambling sites on the Gamstop list. The exclusion doesn’t kick in immediately. It will take 24 hours for Gamstop to exclude you from the websites. During this time, your accounts will still remain unlocked.

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You probably think that once the exclusion period is over, you get access to your accounts on casino and bingo websites restored. Well, it’s not exactly like that. Once the exclusion period is over, you need to contact Gamstop and ask them to lift the exclusion from your accounts.

If you change your mind and want to play bingo before the exclusion time expires, you might be out of luck. It is tough to reverse the self-exclusion, almost impossible one may argue. You still have small chances. If you want to reverse the process, you have to directly contact Gamstop and explain to them why you want to reverse the exclusion.

Since it is very hard to do it, many players with an active exclusion choose to play bingo at bingo sites not on Gamstop.

Why Are Bingo Sites Joining The Gamstop Network

Non Gamstop Sites trust the fact that almost 99% of UK gambling sites have joined the Gamstop program is staggering. What could be the possible reason for this?

Why would a company that makes a living from customers gambling promote a scheme that allows those same players to exclude themselves for a long period of time from playing on the company’s website?

After a little bit of digging around, I’ve found two possible reasons that explain this development.

Gamstop Will Become Mandatory

Gamstop should have become mandatory 18 months ago. But the hiccups mentioned above have prolonged its mandatory implementation. As you probably know, the UK Gambling Commission is the only regulatory body in the UK gambling market. This means that it not only issues licenses to casinos but also ensures that every casino operates within legal boundaries, has the right kind of policies, and so forth.

So, when a regulatory body that issues a license tells you that some self-exclusion scheme is mandatory, do you really have any other option but to hop on the wagon and implement it?

This is basically the most important reason why I’ve seen so many companies joining the Gamstop program. As soon as UKGC sets Gamstop participation as mandatory, it will mean that it is a requirement for a license. All of this automatically translates into 100% of UK gambling sites accepting the Gamstop program.

Reputation and Revenue Above All Else

Another important reason hides behind the gambling companies’ reputation and revenue. Is it better to stay in business than lose a lot of customers and get bad publicity? Yes, it may appear contradictory to advertise responsible ambling and allow players to exclude themselves while at the same time depending on the money of that same player base.

But gaining bad publicity for avoiding a program that is designed to protect and help players with potential gambling issues is worse. The experts working at UK casinos assessed the situation really well, and from what I’ve seen, around 99% of companies joined the Gamstop program even before it became mandatory.

Gamstop is Not the Same Thing as Gamcare


  • The Flaws Discovered in the Gamstop System
  • Why Are Bingo Sites Joining The Gamstop Network
  • Things To Consider When Choosing Bingo Sites Not On Gamstop
  • FAQ
Don’t confuse Gamstop for Gamcare. Gamstop is UKGC’s official self-exclusion scheme which will become mandatory for all casinos operating in the UK. On the other hand, there’s have Gamcare, which is a self-exclusion scheme and then some more.

Gamcare is a famous company with goals aligned with helping players who may have issues with gambling. Gamcare is not only a self-exclusion scheme. It is a charity that uses different methods to help players with potential gambling problems. Besides the self-exclusion opportunity, Gamcare offers advice, support, and access to the Gamcare community. Players can get in contact with Gamcare experts via National Gambling Helpline.

For players’ convenience, Gamcare has several communications channels open, including forums, chat rooms, and online chat.

Things To Consider When Choosing Bingo Sites Not On Gamstop

When choosing bingo sites not on Gamstop, you have to pay attention to every relevant detail to make the right decision. Here are the most important things to consider.

Withdrawal times and options.

Not all bingo sites not on Gamstop have the same withdrawal options and times. Make sure to check the Withdrawal section for each bingo site before you make a deposit.

Online reputation.

Non Gamcare Casinos Reopening

Online reputation is also an important factor to consider. Take your team and read bingo site reviews to assess it. Nothing beats the power of combing through the experiences of other players.

The licensed casino holds.

License is a must-have even for casinos outside of the UKGC jurisdiction. The license tells you that the bingo site in question has passed all the tests and met all the requirements of the relevant regulatory body in that geo area.

Bonuses, promotions, and premiums.

Non Gamcare Casinos And Hotels

Bonuses, promotions, and premiums are nice perks to have access too. Choose a bingo site that offers you the biggest bang for your buck.

How many bingo variations are there?

If you are a bingo fan, then you should make sure that the bingo site you are interested in features as many bingo variations as possible.

Trustworthy Bingo Sites Not On Gamstop

Here are some of the trustworthy bingo sites not on Gamstop. You can enjoy your favorite bingo games on these sites as well as try other variations of the bingo game.


Gamstop is a self-exclusion scheme. It is a program brought to UK players by the UK Gambling Commission. Its primary goal is to help players put their gambling behavior under control. Players that register accounts at Gamstop can exclude themselves from playing games at all casinos part of the Gamstop program. Players can also choose how long they want the self-exclusion to last several weeks, months, or years.
As I write this, Gamstop is not mandatory. But there are strong indications that it will be. It is expected of UKGC to announce Gamstop as a mandatory self-exclusion scheme for all the casinos operating under UKGC’s jurisdiction. At that point, all casinos will have to become participants of the Gamstop program if they want to keep their license.
UKGC has done a marvelous job in regulating the gambling industry in the UK for the past few years. It has also played an important role in promoting responsible gaming and forcing casinos in the UK to promote is as well. Gamstop is another way to promote responsible gaming, only this time giving Brits a sort of a killswitch they can use to stop gambling altogether during the exclusion time period.
Gamstop is a service delivered to UK players completely free of charge. If you decide to use it, you won’t have to spend a dime. The registration process at the Gamstop site is free, as well as the self-exclusion itself. Also, contacting Gamstop after exclusion time expires and getting exclusion lifted from your accounts is free of charge.
All bingo sites operating outside the UKGC jurisdiction, such as sites in Malta and Curacao are considered as bingo sites not on Gamstop. It’s hard to tell how many are there since there are too many of them to count. Fortunately, there are only a couple of bingo sites not on Gamstop that are trustworthy. And these ones I’ve covered in this article.
There are plenty of Bingo sites not on Gamstop. Bingo sites on Gamstop are located in the UK and regulated by the UKGC. Bingo sites outside of the UKGC jurisdiction remain not on Gamstop, which is great news for all of you with an active Gamstop exclusion who still want to play bingo.
Not all Bingo sites not on Gamstop are safe to play on. But this should not be a problem since you can assess their trustworthiness. When choosing bingo sites not on Gamstop, make sure to check their license, online reviews on credible sites, and how long they’ve been in business.
You should know that Gamstop self-exclusion is not built to be reversible. Once you activate it, you will have to sit out the entire timeout. That’s simply how the system works. You can try to get the guys at Gamstop lift the exclusion for you. You will have to contact them directly and make a strong case. The chances that you will succeed are slim, but if you really want, it’s worth a try.
While there are no dedicated bingo sites not on Gamstop, there are plenty of online casinos not on Gamstop featuring a great variety of bingo games. The bingo games range from Bingo Billions and Pharaoh Bingo (Ludo) to Samba Bingo Web and Bingo Bonanza. Some of the bingo sites not on Gamstop are Napoli Casino, Bronze Casino, One Spin Casino, and others.
Players can decide on their own terms how long they want the Gamstop exclusion to last. There is no one rule that applies to all. Once you create an account with Gamstop, you will be able to choose how long you want the exclusion to last. It can be as long as a couple of weeks, months, or even years.