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PokerStars registration is usually not cause difficulties, but there are few important moments you might miss, while they need to be looked at. Following this instruction, you will be able to make a correct registration and receive all the bonuses from PokerStars.


1. Get your computer clean!

For starters, delete all the temporary files (cookies) at your browser. It is better to start with a clean slate without some cookie crumbs. Each browser allows cookies being deleted but the procedures differ. You can read about it in details here, however if you read this article using Chrome browser, just press settings button at the right top corner, choose 'Settings' - 'Clear browsing data' and delete the files you don’t need. Now the computer is clean and nobody will see which web sites you visited last night.

2. It is time to download PokerStars!

Go to the official web site of the world's largest online poker site - - and press the big green button with words 'Download & play now' and in the blink of an eye you will come to PokerStars page where you’ll be able to read some additional information and download the client of the poker room. This is not especially difficult; just follow the white rabbit and green button.

3. The program installation

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  • Been doing a lot of reading and playing some free money tournaments on pokerstars to get used to the game. I'd like to take a shot at some low stakes but unfortunately all I have is a Chromebook. It seems like most of the online Poker sites use Windows clients.
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Whether it is PC or Mac, you need to install the program to computer. There is nothing difficult in the procedure. Just choose the language and follow instructions.


Get PokerStars for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. PokerStars Mobile Poker is the definitive on-the-go poker app. Enjoy round-the-clock tournaments, play cash games in both real and play money, and even multi-table with thousands of other players, all from the palm of your hand. In order to play poker on your Acer Chromebook, you will need to visit Once you`re there, select the red button which reads 'Play Poker - Free Download'. Once downloaded and installed, you`ll be able to play poker.

After the program is installed, launch it and don’t get upset when you see it’s asking for the update. In this very moment new features for a more interesting play will be downloaded to your computer.

Pokerstars Google Chromebook

4. Account registration

After the program will be installed we will need to create a new account. Find the corresponding button and press it.

This is the time the magic happens.

Pokerstars Chromebook

Pokerstars On Chromebook

To get bonuses, you need to pay special attention towards this moment.

Pokerstars On Chromebook

Give your data and then enter the PokerStars marketing code = psp19423. Pay attention, the marketing code is cunningly hidden in the end of the registration form and it is required to be filled as we won’t be unable to re-write your account in the future.

Have you been able to find point? Wonderful! The registration of real money PokerStars account is completed.

All that’s left is to read an e-mail at your post box from PokerStars and enter the verification code in the program client and start playing!

Pokerstars For Chromebook

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