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Revelation Online offers a marriage system for players that wish to express a deeper connection with another player. The marriage system is an extension of Revelation's Relationships system. The marriage system has no gender limits for the CN/NA/EU localizations; however, the RU localization limits marriage to opposite gendered couples.

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Revelation chapter 22 KJV (King James Version) 1 And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. 2 In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. 1 A revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him so that he could tell his servants what is now to take place very soon; he sent his angel to make it known to his servant John, 2 and John has borne witness to the Word of God and to the witness of Jesus Christ, everything that he saw.

How to get married in Revelation Online - This guide was adapted from a guide originally published by Veno of Codex [1] on the Official Revelation Online Forums. [2]

Marriage RequirementsTo marry another character the players must have a minimum of 3000 relationship points and 50000 gold coins (more details below). For more details on Relationship points, including gaining more, visit the Relationships page.

Getting Married

To get married two players must be in a group(party) together with no other players. The players must then travel north of the main city. The picture below shows the location where the marriage portal is located:

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Once your party travels through the marriage portal you will see a large tree with 3 NPCs located nearby.

The middle NPC is the Marriage NPC. This NPC has two marriage options.

Option 1: The Vegas marriage - The party leader must talk to this NPC, pay 50000 gold, and confirm they wish to marry the other party member. If the leader confirms their partner will be given a prompt to agree to the marriage. The two people are immediately married and gain a title with their partners name.

Option 2: The Formal marriage - As with the previous marriage option the leader controls the interactions with the marriage NPC, but this option costs 300,000 gold. When both party members confirm the marriage presents will begin to pop up around the married couple. This is the option you'll likely want to choose if you want to have a large wedding with guests and a larger cosmetic celebration ingame.


To the left of the Marriage NPC there is a small mushroom NPC. This NPC offers two options for divorce.

Option 1: Mutual divorce - This option costs 10000 gold and both partners must agree to the divorce.

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Option 2: Forced divorce - This option costs 300,000 gold and forcefully divorces the couple.

Marriage/Divorce Cooldown

Once married/divorced there is a 7 day cooldown before you can perform the action again.

Marriage Benefits

Marriage offers several benefits to the married couple. Food buffs, resurrection, and teleportation are the three skills players gain through marriage. There may be additional benefits such as emotes, but translations details are not clear on this.

Based on the total Relationship points a couple has earned marriage grants three abilities.

  • Purple Ability: This ability grants food that provides a buff. This food can only be used by your spouse. The quality of the food increases based on the total Relationship Points a couple has. Higher Relationship Points result in the ability granting better food.
  • Green Ability: This ability allows you to resurrect your spouse out of combat. Higher Relationship Points increase the amount of HP provided by the resurrection and reduce the cooldown of the ability. This ability has a base cooldown of 30 minutes.
  • Blue Skill: This ability allows you to summon your spouse. There is a 30 minute cooldown. You may summon your spouse up to 3 times per day, but your summons are based on your Relationship Point total. If you have a low Relationship Point score you may be limited to 1 or 2 summons per day. (Total summons are per player and not shared between spouses. Each spouse may use their max available summons regardless of how many times their partner has summoned them).

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These skills are obtained through drops. On the CN client they are very common and affordable to purchase from the Auction House.

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Marriage also allows you to share your ingame housing with your spouse.

Relationship Point Breakthrough

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Relationship Points have an initial limit of 6000. To breakthrough this limit a couple must obtain 6000 points and visit an NPC. The breakthrough NPC is located next to the marriage portal (see first map above for location). When you visit the breakthrough NPC you will be given a quest to increase your maximum Relationship Points.

Other Relationship Quests

There is a mushroom NPC located near the first town that will provide quests for couples. To do these quests you must be in a party with your partner and mentoring each other. The NPC location is marked by hearts on the map below.

This guide is under construction. Changes will be made based on NA/EU localization outcome. Updates will be made to this guide when the NA/EU localization is released and translations can be obtained.

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