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Users can play Roblox on Chromebook when it doesn’t support Google Play Store if your Chromebook model is older than also you can install Roblox. You can even download Roblox if your model supports Google Play Store. I have shared different methods.

Roblox is one of the most popular games platforms for most gamers. You can not only play the game but you can also create one of your own. You can also share games with your friends. If you have migrated from a Windows PC to Chromebook, you might find that your Chromebook might not support Roblox. Now let’s check out the ways we can play Roblox on your Chromebook.


How to Download & Play Roblox on Chromebook – Supports or Not Google Play Store

Roblox Google Play

We will first talk about the method which support Google Play Store and then we will come to topic which doesen’t support Google Play Store. Users can either use emulator or remote destop connection.

Direct Installation of Roblox in your Chromebook

Roblox is available in Google Play Store. You can download it from the Google Play store and install it. But some of the Chromebook models do not support installing applications from Play Store. Let’s check if your Chromebook can install from Google Play Store.

Install Google Play Store

  1. Click on your user photo > Settings.
  2. The Settings interface will open up > Search for Google Play Store >click on the Turn On Button.

Note: If you cannot find it, then it’s bad news, your Chromebook model doesn’t support installing applications from Google Play.

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Install Roblox in your Chromebook

  1. Open your Chrome Browser > Google Play Store > Roblox Page > Install.
  2. Open the application after the installation.

You are all done installing Roblox on your Chromebook. You can start playing right away. You can launch the game by clicking on Launcher and click on the game’s icon.

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Roblox Google Play

If your Chromebook Doesn’t support Google Play Store

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You can use other methods to install Roblox on your Chromebook. There are two methods that you can try if you can’t play Roblox on Chromebook.

  1. Using Emulator to play Roblox on Chromebook
  2. Play Roblox on a Remote Computer

Roblox Google Play Card Redeem

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Using Emulator to play Roblox on Chromebook

Many Windows users might be familiar with this approach to play android applications on Windows. Similarly, we will be using an Emulator to play Roblox on Chromebook. I would suggest you use ARC Welder.

ARC Welder (App Runtime for Chrome) is an emulator that runs Android applications. All you need to do is download the Android application in the Zip file and load them into ARC Welder. Let’s see how to set up the emulator and play Roblox on Chromebook.

Roblox Google Play Medieval Hood Of Mystery

  1. Download the application package and install ARC Welder.
  2. Load the application package into ARC Welder.
  3. Install Roblox and launch the app.

You can download the application package from this site.

Play Roblox on Chromebook via Remote Computer

This method comes in the last because it may have some performance issues while playing the game. But you can still play Roblox on Chromebook. Playing Roblox via Remote computer means that you will be using another computer in order to play Roblox. You will be accessing another computer remotely from your Chromebook to play the game. Follow these steps to play Roblox via Remote computer:

Firstly, make sure that the computer you are planning on to access remotely has a Chrome web browser and Roblox installed. It doesn’t matter if its a Mac or a PC.

  1. Go to Chrome Web Store > Search for Chrome Remote Desktop. LINK
  2. Click on Add to Chrome and add the application.
  3. Repeat the steps 1-3 on the computer that you are planning to access remotely.
  4. Open Chrome Remote Desktop App on your Chromebook and in the Computer that you will access remotely.
  5. Once you are done establishing a connection, you can launch Roblox and start playing.

Note: If you want to use the computer just for one time, you both must choose the Remote Assistance option on the first launch of the app. If you plan to play Roblox on this system often, you can choose My Computers option.

Roblox Player Download

This option will install a Chrome Desktop Host on the remote computer and will establish a trusted connection between your Chromebook and the remote computer.

Roblox Online Game Free

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As stated earlier, the cons of this method are that you might face some lagging, frame rate issues, dropped connections, and so on. But at the end of the day, you can still play Roblox on Chromebook.


I have shared three methods by which you can install Roblox on your Chromebook and play Roblox on Chromebook. The first method is for those whose Chromebook supports installing applications directly from the Google App Store. The other two are the workarounds that will enable you to play Roblox on Chromebook, but it will have some issues.

In the second method, I have started to use ARC Welder as an emulator to install Roblox on your Chromebook. You can search for other available options among the best Emulators for Chromebook to choose from and install them.

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