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Recently snooker has expanded to be a far more global sport, hosting many more tournaments around the world. Only a handful of those tournaments are available to watch on mainstream TV but, fortunately, a great many more can be watched 100% legally online.


Play Online Snooker, includes Tournaments, Rankings and lots of stats. Fast and Fun games of snooker. Snooker can be much harder than a game of Pool. If you know which balls to aim for first you can score with high-valued balls in their right order and sequence. Make sure you score a higher number of points than your opponent. Click and hold to control the direction and strength of your shot. Challenge other snooker players Head-To-Head in Online Snooker games! WORLD ONLINE LEAGUE Take your place in the weekly online snooker league competitions. Each online match takes you closer to the top place in the Snooker League! If you like some sport action and if you are competitive, this game mode will keep you entertained for hours!

Online bookmakers offer regular live streams of snooker tournaments via their websites and mobile apps. Below is a list of what’s currently showing at different bookmakers.

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How To Watch: open account with bookmaker streaming event and fund that account or have placed a bet in the last 24 hours. Geo restrictions do sometimes apply.

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Snooker Online

Geo restrictions apply. Bet & watch or watch if you have a funded account.


  • First open bookmaker account with bookie showing stream.
  • Make at least the minimum deposit so your account is funded.
  • Or have bet within last 24 hours.
  • Select ‘Live Streaming’.
  • Pick your match from the menu.
  • Broadband, 3G or 4G connection is best.

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What Live Snooker is Shown?

It wasn’t all that long ago that the entire pro snooker tour was made up of fewer than ten total ranking tournaments, almost all of which were based in England. In recent years, however, the sport has been radically modernised and expanded to now feature a huge number of events from all around the world.

A good number of those different events are served live streams offered by online bookmakers, and the following list provides examples of the kinds of tournaments which are typically streamed live somewhere.

Here what type of events are shown:

  • Riga Masters
  • China Championship
  • Paul Hunter Classic
  • Indian Open
  • World Open
  • European Masters
  • English Open
  • International Championship
  • Shanghai Masters
  • Champion of Champions
  • Northern Ireland Open
  • UK Championship
  • Scottish Open
  • Masters
  • German Masters
  • Snooker Shoot-Out
  • World Grand Prix
  • Welsh Open
  • Gibraltar Open
  • Players Championship
  • China Open
  • World Snooker Championship

As you can see from that list, therefore, the vast majority of the pro snooker tour’s main events are catered for by live streams available through one betting site or another. What should be noted, though, is that due to broadcasting rights, TV deals and other geographical restrictions, not all live streams are available to residents of every country around the world.

What In-Play Markets are Available?

If you do head to an online bookmaker to watch some live snooker action, you’ll probably also be interested in placing an in-play bet or two. Whilst there aren’t as many in-play betting options for snooker as for some other sports, there are often a decent number of markets on offer, which often include the following: Best online games casino no deposit.

Match Winner – As is the case for matches and contests in every sport, the match winner market is the most commonly available in-play betting option for snooker. Beginning with the players at their pre-match odds, the available prices will change regularly and more generous odds can become available for fancied players if they fall behind earlier.

Handicap – Similar to the match winner market except that you are betting on a player to beat a pre-determined handicap spread, in-play handicap wagers are also popular with snooker punters. As an example, in a best of 11 frames contests, a strongly favoured player such as Ronnie O’Sullivan may be given a handicap of -3.5. That means he would have to win by four frames or more in order to beat the spread.

Total Frames – A straightforward over/under style of betting market, a total frames bet is one which predicts whether more or less than a certain number of frames will be played in a match. For our hypothetical best of eleven contests, for example, the over/under figure is likely to be set somewhere around 8.5.

Correct Score – The fourth and final in-play betting market which is typically available for most live streamed snooker matches is the correct score market. The market is pretty much as simple as its name suggests but can present some very interesting betting opportunities if a knowledgeable punter catches a bet at just the right time.

Snooker is a challenging online two-player cue sport simulation game where you take on a friend or family member in an enthralling frame of snooker (or play yourself as 2 players)! While all cue sports require pinpoint accuracy, smooth cue action, and an ability to analyze angles, snooker is perhaps the most sophisticated of them all – combining good strategy, unerring skill, a cool head under pressure, with constant decorum and sportsmanship. This fun and free-flowing online version of snooker puts great emphasis on steady mouse movement as well as aggressive ball-pocketing expertise. Snooker is sometimes referred to as the ‘thinking man’s pool’. This means that you have to carefully build a ‘break’ up from scratch – while just randomly potting balls without thinking ahead is not going to work! Now, have you got the deft cue skills, the feathered touch, and steely determination to become the king or queen of the snooker table in your home computer? It’s time to find out!

How to Play: This is a two-player, one-on-one game where players battle it out to score the most points in a single frame of snooker. Players take alternating shots, unless they pot a correct ball – in that case they continue shooting until they miss. Using your mouse or touchpad, aim using your cursor (until a circular target marker appears). Click and hold down your Left Mouse Button, and release to take your shot. The longer you hold down the Left click, the more powerful your shot.

Scoring points is the name of the game in snooker. There are 15 red balls (worth 1 point) on the table, as well as a yellow (2 points), green (3 points), brown (4 points), blue (5 points), pink (6 points) and black (7 points). While there are reds remaining on the table – you must pot a red, then a ‘color’ (not a red), then a red, then a ‘color’ in an alternating format. If you pot one of the ‘colors’ after a red, they reappear on the table on their designated spots. However, once a red is potted, it stays in the pocket. For example, you could pot a red, black, red, pink in a row – this would yield 15 points (1 + 7 + 1 + 6). However, if you commit a ‘foul’ by potting the wrong ball, or by accidentally potting the white ball, your opponent is awarded 4 points. Likewise, if the cue ball doesn’t hit any ball after you strike it, your opponent receives 4 points. Once all of the reds are potted, you must pot the remaining colors in ascending order (yellow, green, brown, blue, pink, black). The player with the most points at the end of the frame is declared the winner. You can see each player’s score at the bottom of the game screen. Happy potting!

If this Flash-based game no longer works on IE11 or Chrome browser on your PC / MAC, try playing Firefox browser with Adobe Flash player installed.

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