Soccer Betting Lines

The opening line varies depending on the sportsbook but it provides a clear-cut rating that the oddsmakers use. If you’re betting on the NFL or any other sport, it’s a great idea to view the open line first. VI Consensus NFL Line. The Consensus NFL Line is just as important as the Open Line and also a key resource on odds.


Betting the money line, or who will win straight up, is the most popular soccer bet. Sportsbooks also offer spread bets, first half lines, and other betting angles. Can you place parlay bets on Soccer matches? Most sportsbooks will allow you to parlay your soccer bets. Betting Goal Lines: Similar to betting the 2-way moneyline (without the draw), the Goal Line is a way for bettors to win a bet on multiple outcomes of the game. Goal Lines are similar to Puck Lines in hockey and Point Spreads in football or basketball. A Goal Line is typically 0.5 goals but for games with big favorites, the Goal Line.

How to bet Soccer

Soccer is an emerging betting market in the United States as more and more people are becoming interested in it. If you're looking to learn more about the game of soccer and how to bet soccer, you've come to the right betting guide.

Understanding Soccer Odds

In the United States, soccer odds are shown in 'American' format and listed in a money-line format which is the same odds that both Baseball and Hockey produce.

There is always a favorite, designated with a plus (+) symbol and an underdog that is represented with a minus (-1) symbol.

The different from Baseball and Hockey is that soccer games often end in ties or what is more commonly referred to as a draw.

Three-Way Line

In soccer, a money line takes the place of a point-spread but there is a twist. Bettors will always have the option of playing a favorite or an underdog, but you can also bet that the game will end in a draw, which is a tie.

Barcelona -145
Manchester United +400
Draw +240

In the above example, Barcelona (-145) is the favorite and bettors would stake $145 to win $100 on Barcelona. Sticking with this example, you can see that Manchester is the underdog (+400). Bettors would win $400 if they placed $100 on Manchester and they won. In the event that the game ends in a Draw/Tie, bettors who wagered on Barcelona or Manchester would lose their wagers.

In the above example, the Draw (+240) pays out $240 based on a $100 wager. The Draw is a loser if either Barcelona or Manchester wins. The Three-Way Line is valid for 90 minutes of action only.

What is the Two-Way Line (Goal Line)?

Barcelona -1.5 (-140)
Manchester United +1.5 (EVEN)

The Goal Line in soccer is comparable to a point-spread wager in football. It allows bettors to minimize their risk on heavy money-line prices or even better reward them with generous payouts. In the above example, Barcelona is -1.5 goals (-140) on the Goal Line. Bettors would risk $140 to win $100 on Barcelona to win by two or more goals. If Barcelona loses or wins by one goal, the wager is a loss. If you grab the 1.5 goals with Manchester, bettors would wager $100 to win $100 (EVEN) if Manchester won the game outright or lost by one goal or less. The Goal Line is valid for 90 minutes of action only.

How to Bet Soccer Totals

Over 2.5 (+100)
Under 2.5 (-140)

The 'O/U', also known as Over/Under or Total, is the number of combined goals that the oddsmakers expect to be scored in the matchup. Bettors can either wager Over or Under on the goals listed. In the above example, 2 1/2 goals, bettors taking the Over would win if Barcelona and Manchester score 3 or more goals in the game. Bettors taking the Under would win if the two teams combine for 3 goals or less. If the game ends with the exact number of goals listed in the total, the result is considered a push (tie) and all wagers are refunded.

Oddsmakers often associate a money line with 'O/U' lines, which means bettors would have to lay extra money in some cases. Ex. Under 2 1/2 (-140) -- Bettors would wager $140 to win $100. The Total is valid for 90 minutes of action only.

Future Wagers

Similar to other sports, soccer futures betting is often popular and it caters not only to daily and weekly bettors, but the masses too.

The most discussed future wagers in soccer circle around the top-flight leagues globally and also major events.

Popular Soccer Betting Leagues

  • Premier League (England)
  • La Liga (Spain)
  • Bundesliga (Germany)
  • Serie A (Italy)
  • Ligue 1 (France)
  • MLS (United States)

Popular Soccer Events and Tournaments

  • FIFA World Cup
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA European Championship (Euro)

How to Bet the World Cup


The World Cup is an International soccer competition that takes place every four years, usually played in the summer. The tournament features 32 teams that went through a thorough qualifying process in order to reach the event. The World Cup is run by FIFA (International Federation of Association Football), who is the international governing body of soccer or what many countries call football. The first World Cup tournament took place in 1930. The tournament features 32 teams, who earn bids via a qualification process in different regions.

World Cup History

Group Stage

The 32 teams are divided into eight groups of four and those teams will play a round-robin tournament among themselves and the top teams based on records will advance to the knockout stage.

Knockout Stage

After the field is cut in half from 32 to 16, those teams will square off in a single-elimination tournament in one-off matches. If the games are tied after 90 minutes, two 15 minute extra time sessions will be played and if still tied then a penalty shootout will take place to decide the winner.

  • Round of 16 (8 matches)
  • Quarterfinals (4 matches)
  • Semifinals (2 matches)
  • Final (1 match)

Below are the best betting sites and betting options in states with legal sportsbooks to get you started with soccer betting. There is also sports betting with other sports besides soccer available at these sportsbooks. Remember to bet on soccer responsibly and check out the Vegas Insider soccer pages for insight on your different types of soccer bets.

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In order to place bets on these sportsbooks, you must be in a state in which sports betting is regulated and where the corresponding sportsbook has a sports betting license. Welcome offers through VegasInsider are currently available in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Colorado, and West Virginia. Welcome offers may differ depending on where you register. Please visit the sportsbook using any of our links, change to your location and confirm your welcome bonus offer and requirements before you register.

Soccer Rules for Bettors

All sportsbooks and bookmakers follow their own regulated house guidelines, but the rules listed below are widely considered industry standards:

  • Regulation Time Only Unless otherwise specified all soccer matches are based on 90 minutes of play plus added injury and stoppage time only.
  • Extra Time, Golden Goals and Shootouts do not count towards the wager.
  • Matches must go to full time or all wagers will be graded no action

Hoped you learned a thing or two on how you can win real money by betting on soccer. There are many kinds of types of soccer bets so it makes sense to try a few soccer betting sites out first to see which is the right fit. Remember your bonus code as you get started betting on different soccer matches!

Ever wondered how you are actually doing in sports betting?

Just like tracking your finances can be an eye opening experience (I spent how much at restaurants last month?!), tracking your bets can shed some light on your performance.

Download the free sports bet tracking spreadsheet below to get started (available for both Excel and Google Sheets):

Bet Tracker Spreadsheet: Instant Insights

If you want to measure your performance and see where you are succeeding and failing, you need to track it.

With this free tool, you can see your performance broken down by various dimensions.

Have a great ROI on betting NBA 2nd halves? Getting solid closing line value on NFL point spreads? This spreadsheet allows you to answer questions like this and more.

How to use the spreadsheet

While the spreadsheet is pretty straightforward, I’d like to walk you through how it works.

How to track sports bets

Everything lives in the “Bet Log” tab. This is the only place information is manually entered. Once the data is entered there, all other tabs will automatically populate.

In the “Bet Log” tab, blue columns are required while red columns are optional. The more information you input, the more useful the spreadsheet will be.

Entering things like the closing line, while slightly annoying, will also be the most important to your success.

How to analyze performance

Each tab will have different graphs and tables that show your performance. The beauty of this is that you can filter the data by any dimension you like.

Any yellow cell is an “input” cell that can be changed. All of these are dropdowns that are pre-populated based on the information you enter in the Bet Log.

How to add more leagues and teams

To add new leagues and teams, you will do so in the “REF” tab. This tab holds all of the lookup information for the dropdowns throughout the spreadsheet.

Again, the cells available to modify are in yellow. You can add the following dimensions:

  • Leagues (ex: WNBA)
  • Teams (ex: Chicago Sky)
  • Tags (ex: 2nd half)

Bet Tracker Spreadsheet Metrics

Deciding what to track is important in determining how you measure success. The spreadsheet tracks the following key metrics:

Closing Line Value

Closing line value (CLV) is a measure of how much better or worse the odds you bet at were compared to where they closed.

If you believe the markets you are betting into are efficient (NFL point spreads, MLB moneylines, etc.), then CLV is a great predictor of long term success.

All you need to do is input the odds you placed your bet at as well as where the odds closed. Preferably you use a market making sportsbook like Pinnacle to decide what the “true” closing line was.


Profit is about as simple as it gets. Are you making or losing money?

While this is the “bottom line”, surprisingly it isn’t always predictive of long term success. Still, you will obviously want to see how much money you have made or lost.



This is what most people tend to look at. It is a measure of how profitable you are relative to how much you are risking.

While at the end of the day, the money in your pocket is what matters, this metric focuses more on results rather than process and is a measure of efficiency.

ROI isn’t as predictive of long term winning as CLV, but is useful to track to see where you stand.


This one is simple, yet will likely give you insights into where you are putting your money.

If you have a model, does it consistently value the Dallas Cowboys differently than the market? Thus making many of your bets on the Cowboys? Analyzing your risk by league/team/bet type can give you these types of answers.


Bankroll will track our running total of how much money you have in your accounts across all sportsbooks. You can also see this trended over time to help you see any changes in your betting strategy and how that has affected your bankroll.

It is very useful to see, at a glance, where your money lies. Is 95% of our bankroll at FanDuel? Maybe you should shift some to DraftKings.

Bet Tracker Spreadsheet Dimensions

Having these metrics available is important, but insights really come from slicing the data by different dimensions.


Tracking your performance by league or team can give you clues into where your strengths or weaknesses are.

Do you watch every second of every New York Knicks game? Think you have an edge on Knicks games? You can find out using the spreadsheet.

Same goes for leagues. Do you follow NFL closely but use strictly numbers for NCAA Basketball? Compare the performance of the two and see what’s working.

Bet Type

Looking at performance by bet type can also shed some light on your process, especially if it is model driven.

Best free casino apps. Track your performance by the following bet types:

  • Spread
  • Moneyline
  • Total
  • Prop
  • Future

You can also use the “Tag” field to designate special types of bets. For example, if you want to see your performance on moneylines for NBA 2nd halves, you would put “2H” (or something similar) in the Tag field and “moneyline” in the bet type field.


A common way to analyze performance is to look at metrics trended over time.

Look at any of the metric/dimension combinations above trended over any time period you’d like.

Want to see your performance over the last 14 days? Or how about the last 12 weeks? Both are possible here.

Google Sheets Sports Betting Tracker

The sports betting tracker is also available on Google Sheets. While the features are the same as the Excel file, Google Sheets has some notable benefits:

European Soccer Betting Lines

  • Available/online at all times
  • Can enter bets on your phone using the Sheets app
  • You don’t need to be at a computer to enter your bets
  • Google Sheets auto saves any changes
  • Allows multiple users to be in the sheet at the same time and make changes

Soccer Betting Odds Explained

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