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Create a life form from the time it's a single cell until it's a fully grown organism.

This is a game that is a lot of fun for those who like to create their own lifeforms. Your game play begins by creating a single cell. You are in charge of this cell and how it develops until it has reached adulthood. Even after it has grown, you still have some say over what it does among other organisms.

Mini golf online free games. One of the creative components to the game is that you design the world that the organism lives in and the tribes that live in this world. Once your organism has grown, it can fly into space so that it can defeat other civilizations and discover new organisms to live with.

There are five stage that make up the game. During the first stage, you will consume foods that will help your organism grow. Every aspect of your organism is customized, such as what it looks like, how well it interacts with others and what it eats. This will be important when the organism is grown as it will need these traits to survive with others. The second stage of the game can be played with others who are online. You can copy the actions that other players make, which can help you defeat them later in the game.

As the game progresses, you will begin to see more tribes that have developed. These tribes have other organisms that you must either socialize with or conquer so that you can rule the land. The final stage of the game involves designing a spaceship that will take your organism to another world. You don't ever really end the game as you can always continue finding other areas of space to explore.


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  • One of the best simulation games online
  • Create your own life form starting from a cell
  • Detailed levels of play


Spore Online Game Play

  • Takes time to get into the game
  • Rather boring for those who want more action

Spore Free Play

Are you waiting for the mysterious second part of the game called Spore? Well, we have no doubts that you do. The first part was a real masterpiece and we bet that you would appreciate continuation a lot. The fandom of the game is extremely large and there are legends about the second part all around it. There is no official announcements that the second part will ever see the world. Some gamers joke that the second part of Spore will be launched after the third part of Half Life appears on the screen, which is almost impossible, since the project is known as a closed one. However, fantasizing on this topic and inventing ideas and possibilities is an amazing entertainment one cannot deny. So the most popular ideas and expectations of the fans are absolutely engaging and you are welcome to try them all out. What is waiting for you in the second part of the game? Let’s see.
There are new stages in this part of the series. The first one is compared to the original one called Cell, only now it has another title – Molecule. The second one is Fish and it takes place somewhere between Molecule and Creature, where you can control a sea beast deep in the water. Later, you can move on the land a new campaign will start. This one is called City and serves as a link between Tribe and Civilization. After you pass all the beauties of human civilization, you will move to the new level – God or Universe, which is the last level of the game. As you have already guessed, this one allows you to create your own worlds and planets inhabited by other creatures and see them developing. This one is the most interesting and exciting stage, where you can create new planets and use various tools for your actions.
The gameplay is vast as well. First of all, you will have a chance to fly around the entire galaxy, visiting different parts of it and using various tools. The alternative centers of the universe will become your destinations and you will find out everything about the wide universe. If you remember Groxes from the first part, you will meet other creatures in this one. They are more advanced and will surely make your passage of the game more challenging, because they will interrupt your actions and keep you away from your aims.
You will have your own command of researchers and warriors that will travel around the galaxy with you. This team can consist of representatives of different races, but you are welcome to rule them all and enjoy your leadership position. Using the vast editors, you will have a chance to change your creatures the way you want. In this version of the game, there are more DNA fragments as well as opportunities to change your creatures on the deepest level, even changing their bones, making them more solid or flexible (the choice is yours). Edit not only the creatures, but also plants, and parts of the land.