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Star Codes are used to claim certain promotional offers. By entering one of these codes in our software, you can opt in to promotions, receive bonuses, tournament tickets, special rewards, and more.

They are different from bonus codes and in most cases, they can be used without any deposit required.

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Online casino penny slots. Basically, Star Codes are used for two kinds of offers:

  1. Public promotions: These are open to everyone and when they're offered, you can find the Star Code on our website, in the Promotions section.
  2. Exclusive promotions: These are open to players who are selected by our Marketing Department according to certain promotional strategies.

It is also worth mentioning that Star Codes can have different expiration dates depending on the promotion and some can be used just once while others are reusable. If you are eligible for an exclusive Star Code offer, we will get in touch via email, SMS, or pop-up message in our software.

If you have not opted in to receive marketing messages, then you may not receive communications containing a Star Code.

To check this, go to the lobby of our desktop software and select:

Settings → Global → Communication Preferences

We are unable to advise when, or even if, a customer will receive a Star Code. Neither can our Support team offer these codes upon request.

Starcode Pokerstars

Star Code at PokerStars is one of the ways to sign up for special offers and get bonuses, tickets, special VIP-awards and many other things. Star Codes were introduced to PokerStars only in 2015, that's why far from everyone knows how to use them and where to enter. This article will through light on where to obtain, where to get and how to enter Star Code at PokerStars.

How and where to get Star Codes at PokerStars

Star Codes can be obtained by all players within a certain special offer/promotion, such as PokerStars Giveaway for example, or can be achieved by particular players (chosen according to special criteria of the poker room administration).

Starcode Pokerstars

If you have a chance to use one of the Star Codes, PokerStars support team will inform you by email, SMS or with the help of pop-up messages in the poker room lobby.

Please note, the all PokerStars Star Codes have their “expiration date”, which means you have to use them during a certain time period. The e-mail/SMS/notification sent you with a code itself should contain information about the “expiry date” of each PokerStars Star code.

Where to enter Star Code at PokerStars

If you're fortunate to get a Star Code, you need to activate it (redeem it). Many players face difficulties at this very stage and start bombarding search engines with queries like “star code PokerStars where to enter”, “Where (how) to redeem PokerStars star code” and etc. In fact, there’s nothing difficult about it.

To start with, you need to choose “Tools” menu item in the right part of PokerStars lobby:

Next you’ll see the menu. Choose the sub-menu item “Star Code”:

You’ll see a window opened in the center with an input line where you need to enter your Star Code:

Next press the “Submit” button or press Enter on your keyboard. You see a text message saying that your request is being preceded:

Pokerstars Bonus Code

If you succeeded and your Star Code is valid, you’ll see a window with congratulation.

You can have a look at the list of your bonuses by choosing the menu item “Account” - “My tournament tickets”

How to redeem Star Code in mobile version of PokerStars

Pokerstars Star Code 2021

Star Code may also be redeemed in the mobile version of Poker Stars. To do this, go to the menu and choose from the following options: More - Settings and Tools - Account. There you will see a field where you can enter the Star Code.

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Star Codes Pokerstars

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