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Desert Diamond Casino West Valley has the worst video poker pay tables in the Phoenix/Glendale area. On a recent trip I had the opportunity to visit the grand opening of this casino and I couldn't believe what I saw.

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I don't expect to see full pay video poker pay tables in an Indian casino but what I saw at the grand opening of Desert Diamond West Valley was almost criminal. I was shocked to see that every video poker game at Desert Diamond West Valley Casino was programmed to extract as much money as possible from the player. In other words, the pay tables have been adjusted to the manufacturers tightest possible settings. In case you're new to this, experienced video poker players refer to those machines as being 'short'. When a machine is programmed to it's highest paying setting it's said to be 'full pay'.

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There are several settings between the lowest and the highest payouts with most Indian casinos programming their machines somewhere in the middle. Still short of course but they could be a lot shorter. Desert Diamond West Valley Casino has chosen to set their video poker machines to the shortest possible payouts, making them to have, what I believe to be, the worst video poker games in the Phoenix/Glendale area.The mystic gambler video poker

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Now they are the only casino in that area of town. So I can see how they might assume that people will play the their machines regardless of how short they are. And the percentage of local gamblers that understand how to read video poker pay tables is probably low. So, from a marketing and profit perspective, I get it.The
Having said that, there is a certain percentage of the gambling population that is somewhat educated about casino gambling. When these gamblers see pay tables like the ones at Desert Diamond West Valley, their overall view of the casino is that they are far too greedy. It follows that the other games in the casino are likely to be setup similarly; taking as much money from their patrons as might be legally or technically possible.
The Desert Diamond West Valley casino was a disappointment to me. It reminded me of a tourist trap or the only stop on a toll road. You know, places where they have a captive audience and they can charge outrageous prices. But in this case you do have a choice. There are better gambling odds available in the Phoenix/Glendale area. On my next trip I'll be visiting one of the other, less greedy casinos.How To Play Jacks or Better Video Poker

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Many years ago my life was changed on a Sunday afternoon while I was surfing the internet. I stumbled upon the the site,WizardofOdds and read about the only two games in a casino that you have a shot at actually winning in the long run. One was Blackjack and the other was Video Poker. Well I knew about blackjack and card counters and all that - but what was this about the video poker? What I read amazed me and I took it to heart. My wife and I studied hard and within a few months we were flying to Las Vegas and being treated like VIP's. And we played only quarter machines! Quarter video poker! There was a three year period that we led a life that we had only read about or saw in movies. Free rooms, free dining, free concerts and free chauffeur service. Things aren't quite the same now but there are still advantages to playing video poker.
As the pay tables for video poker began to deteriorate, I began to play Keno once in a while. Then, one day in route to The Las Vegas Hilton, the limo driver mentioned the popularity of a new game called Four Card Keno. I didn't think much of it at the time but it stuck in my mind. And when I played Four Card Keno for the first time, I understood why the game was so popular. Years passed before I discovered the best way to play Four Card Keno but once I did - my world changed again.
Today I operate a popular website and YouTube channel called . Not only do I help gamblers play video poker but I also share what I've learned about Four Card Keno and how to use specially balanced Keno Charts to win bigger jackpots.